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Postgraduate Search

Reasons to Study a Part Time Degree | Postgraduate Search

We can have part time jobs and part time hobbies. So why not have a part time degree too? Here are some reasons why studying a part-time degree could be ideal for you. A part time degree is the ideal solution if you want to study a postgraduate course but have other commitments such as work or family.

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Postgraduate Application | Postgraduate Search

While it might be one of the most important things to fill out, it can be easy to rush through writing your postgraduate application and miss out on essential and important information. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when writing your postgrad application.

10 Postgrad Questions it's Ok to Ask | Postgraduate Search

Whether you're coming straight from undergrad or returning to education after a bit of time off. If you're going down the same road as your previous degree or your post grad is on a completely different path, there will always be some questions you'll want answered.

Alt Cardiff

Irish dancing school set up in Cardiff - alt.cardiff

A former Riverdance cast member has established an Irish dancing school in Cardiff - and she's recruiting new students. Nicola Dempsey, who first toured with Riverdance four years ago, acheived her dream of starting her own Irish dancing school following a move to Cardiff in January.

Cardiff student joins Welsh korfball team - alt.cardiff

A Cardiff University student is about to go national with a quite niche sport. Will Hayward has recently joined the Welsh korfball team. It's a fitting tribute to the work the Masters in News Journalism student has done to promote korfball in Cardiff.

Council praised for Ball in the Wall success - alt.cardiff

The team behind Cardiff Castle's Ball in the Wall says the idea came from having previously built a positive relationship with the city's council. The Rugby World Cup attraction, erected in secret by Cardiff company Wild Creations at the beginning of the tournament, extended its stay past the original three week deadline.

Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas comes to Wales - alt.cardiff

The Overtones are about to begin their Christmas venue tour- and their first stop is in Wales. The vocal harmony quintet will take to the stage on 6 December in Swansea's Brangywn Hall. The tour comes with the release of their album Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas, in shops 27 November.

Broadway showstoppers come to the Bay

The glitz and glamour of the Broadway stage hits Cardiff this month as part of Broadway to the Bay. The show pays homage to ten years of performances in Cardiff's Millennium Centre, and will run at the venue from October 23 - 25.

Two ostrich burgers please

A vendor selling ostrich burgers to Cardiff's Rugby World Cup spectators this year has revelled in the food's popularity. Keith Roberts, who owns the Try Inn stall on St John Street, says although it's the first time offering ostrich meat, the reception has been surprising.

Cardiff's youngest stall vendor reveals secret to success

Cardiff's youngest vendor has a fool-proof method for determining whether his products will be big sellers at the weekly Westgate Street Market. So far, he hasn't put a paw wrong. Muppet, a two-year-old Bichon/Cavalier King Charles cross, is the taste tester for Blue Paw Dog Biscuits, run by his owner Susan McDonald.

Kettle Magazine

Tinderella: A year in the life

I've been enthralling and entertaining you with my tales of wooing and woe for the last few months now, and my online dating career spans the last two years. As the new year dawns, time to do what everyone else is doing - eat my body weight in Pringles (because I'm a single Pringle) and reflect on the triumphs of the year past.

Tinderella: We are family

Aoife is back again this year with her Tinder stories. Read her last Tinderella story here. I gave Tinder a break over Christmas. Mainly because it was Christmas and I wanted to have a little time to myself, but also because I was back at my parent's house and that's in the middle of bloody nowhere.

Tinderella: Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger..

I've spoken about my dating experiences in length over the duration of my stint as Tinderella. For the most part, these tales of woe and wonder come from having actually met these guys and gone on a physical date with them. Not this time, though.

Tinderella: What would the neighbours say?

You'd be surprised who you could run into on Tinder. Some people find their friends from school, some match with a brother or cousin of someone they know. Woe betide those of us who find their OWN brother or cousin on the dating site. Me, I found someone a little more exciting.


My name is Aoife, pronounced E-fah. I'm 23 years old, and I am an unashamed panto fan. Oh yes I am. Lifelong fan It's been such a lifelong relationship that I'm not even sure where it began.

Tinderella: Where have all the good men gone?

When I moved from Ireland to Wales, one of the first things I did was dedicate myself a little more to my Tindering. After all, I was new in town, my classes hadn't started yet, and I had to make friends somehow. Then along came potentially my worst nightmare.

Tinderella: When you say nothing at all

First dates are all about chatting, right? Getting to know the other person, finding out what makes them tick, and carrying on any talks you may have had by technological means. Sometimes, that's just not how it goes, much as you might not anticipate it to.

Tinderella: How to be a heartbreaker

Having done more Tinder/Plenty of Fish dates than most of my friends combined (online dating is not for EVERYONE) I've had some absolutely fantastic dates. The ones where you sit down for a drink at half six after work and then somehow the bar staff are coming over asking you kindly to leave so they can, you know, go home.

Tinderella: In too deep

Tinderella is a weekly feature where Aoife Bennett tells us about her journey to finding love.

Children's writer Mimi Thebo shares her secrets to literary success

Most writers say you should write about what you know. Despite disagreeing with this idea, American born author Mimi Thebo has done just that in her new upcoming children's book. "I always write about what I don't know, writing a novel is a form of an investigation," Mimi explains.

Tinderella: What the hell am I doing here?

Our frist Tinderella story followed Becky in her journey to find love. Week after week we got to hear about some of the dates she had been on, form the good to the bad. but finally Becky found love. Now we have a new Tinderella and she is waiting to tell you her stories.

GAA For Beginners

Every summer, men and women across Ireland become enthralled by the sight of 15 "local" (read: from anywhere within the county) men running around a field in pursuit of a small leather sphere. For some people, who have very little experience with the game, going to their first viewing can be similar to sitting a maths exam; confusing and challenging.

Five things you'll know if you're the eldest

Being the eldest child comes with a lot of responsibilty and demands, whether you're at the top of a stack of two siblings or 22. (It happens! Ever seen 23 Kids and Counting?) You are the example.

Only Ever Yours - a dystopian fantasy, or the world we live in?

A world where women are no longer birthed, but rather fashioned in a factory. Sent to finishing school by the age of four, spending the next twelve years learning how to please their hopeful future husbands- in every sense that word could mean.

Strong independent woman: Why being single isn't that bad

"Don't you get awfully lonesome though?" The question has been asked countless times, and has always been responded to in the same way; you don't need a relationship to define you in any way. Some of my friends are in serious, live-in relationships with their partners.

Social and Personal Weddings

Social & Personal Weddings

Whether you're getting them provided for you by the venue or you'll be shopping yourself, the chair covers are a necessity for your wedding reception. Your choice can bring anything from a touch of glamour to a hint of fun to your festivities.

Social & Personal Weddings

It's the thing Hollywood rom coms and most Disney blockbusters are founded on. But just because your wedding is, in theory, the most romantic day of your life, you shouldn't take the romance for granted. There are steps you can take to ensure a truly romantic wedding.


While some of us might dream of the traditional long and flowing white dress, the princess effect can be a little overdone, and for one reason or another might not suit the day.


In all the excitement of getting dresses on, making your hair look picture perfect and getting everyone's make up done, it can be difficult to remember to fit in everything else you really should do on a morning like this. Have a relaxing night, either to yourself or in the company of your bridesmaids.


When you think of weddings, only one thing springs to mind; the bride's dress. It's likely she spent months anguishing over styles, necklines and colours, so what should you do when your time comes and you must select your own gown?

Social & Personal Weddings
FIVE FIRST DANCE SONGS TO AVOID - Social & Personal Weddings

The first dance song is one of the most meaningful moments of the reception. The choice of music you use is vital. There are a plethora of great love songs that, when you think about them maybe a little deeper, you might want to reconsider if you're using them for your first dance.

Social & Personal Weddings

Whether you're a big music nut, or you just enjoy listening to whatever's in the charts at the moment, there's simply no denying that the music you play for your wedding is some of the most important music you'll ever play.

Social & Personal Weddings

The photos you have professionally taken on your wedding day are going to be treasured for the rest of your life, so why not make sure you get exactly what you want from your photographer? Do you have insurance? Do you shoot in colour, black and white or both?


Weddings are a time for family, friends, and celebrating with those you love most. In this way, surely it makes sense to have your most faithful companion included as part of the day, too? While in some cases Rover may not be allowed into the church for the ceremony, there are still plenty of chances to share the day with man - and bride's- best friend.

Social & Personal Weddings

With the wedding cake being such a central piece of the day, it's important to get exactly the deal and the cake you want from the baker you entrust the task to. How is the cost of the cake calculated- do you charge by size or by slice?

Social & Personal Weddings

Since you want your entertainment to get the party started from the second they walk on the stage, it's vital to get some things straightened out before you book them. What kind of music do you specialise in? How long has the band been playing together? Are you familiar with this venue?

Social & Personal Weddings

One of the saddest facts of life is that one day our loved ones will leave us. If a loved one has passed away before your wedding arrives, you may want to include them in the ceremony to make it feel as if they're really there.

Social & Personal Weddings

Flowers are quite a large part of the day, from the bouquet you'll be carrying to the table pieces in the dining hall. It's important to know exactly what your money is going toward when choosing your florist. What flowers will be in season when I get married?


We've all heard the countless myths about what you shouldn't do in the lead up to your big day, but just how many of them will really screw up all that hard work you've done over the past few months? What are the big no-nos, and what's ok to go ahead with?


Some wedding days are all about tradition, and we have our own wedding customs in Ireland that have fallen to the wayside for some modern nuptials. Here's a list of some of the classic wedding customs you might consider making part of your big day.

Soc Spot: DCU's top niche socs

You have your MPS, your Drama and your Music. All stalemates in DCU society life and big names on campus. But what about the ones on the other end of the spectrum, with not as many members but just as much heart? Harry Potter Society UCC may look like Hogwarts, but DCU surely has the next best thing.

Commuting v Campus: Is it better to live near college or at home?

For most students, moving out of home to attend college isn't just the norm, it's a requirement. Kerry students applying for college places in NUIG tend to search for houses near the college instead of facing a dreaded three hour commute on a stinking, sweating bus. Others aren't so lucky.

Are students as bad as they seem? - opinion

It all started on the train. Armed with suitcase, laptop bag and handbag, I made the weekly journey from my home in Waterford to the bedroom in a student accommodation complex near my college that was by now my second home. Before alighting at Heuston Station, a security guard at the door and I struck up a conversation.

The College View

Coursing through

Student Life We only ever hear one side. According to the Sunday Independent "DCU has the second best completion rate among all Irish colleges" and "DCU graduates get the second highest number of Firsts or 2:1s in Ireland". However what about the other side of these results?

Who is Alice Desmond?

An internet hacker under the pseudonym "Alice Desmond" targeted several DCU students and alumni by freezing them out of their Facebook accounts recently. A private message was sent via Facebook to those connected to DCU at roughly 7pm on Tuesday, November 19th. According to Anita McSorley, a final-year Journalism student, it could not be opened.

Fishing for the truth

Through My Eyes What would make you so angry that you would threaten someone you've never met face to face? When Colin* found out that he had been lied to online, that's exactly what he wanted to do. He was a victim of catfishing.

Social & Personal Weddings

Lady Gaga broke the news of her engagement last month and gave us all a glimpse of her fabulous engagement ring. What really caught the eye wasn't just the clarity of the diamond, which is rumoured to weigh in at well over eight carats, but its shape.

Through My Eyes - Home away from home

Through My Eyes Although it was something unheard of since the 1980s, throngs of young workers leaving our shores each year has become the norm once again. It is estimated that one fully qualified young person leaves the country every six minutes, resulting in a staggering average of 240 per day.

DCU? Are you actually kidding me?

Laughing Through Life Oh my God I am going to die. And I don't mean die like the time Sorcha's Dad bought her a second hand Merc for her graduation, I mean actually die. Someone here is going to kill me. Well, they could.

Would you like a job with that?

Student Life A catch 22. That's the best way to describe life as a student with a part time job. The financial independence is something that can never be outdone, and it feels infinitely better to buy that coveted iPhone 5s with the money you earned yourself, and not money you "borrowed" from your Dad.

How much do you love your phone?

Technology. We rely on it so much to get us through our daily lives that we never stop to think about it. As soon as the alarm on our smartphones goes off to wake us in the morning, we stick the kettle on to make the cup of coffee that will really wake us up.

Social media speak: mind your Ps and Qs

"Nothing you wouldn't want your Granny to read." That's the general rule when it comes to posting something on social media these days. Some celebrities are right divils for using the social media platform Twitter for interacting with their adoring public and generally acting the monkey.

Fun you can remember: DCU's Sober Soc

Overwhelming. The level of alcohol students drink on an average night out. The portion of the night forgotten the following morning. Ferdia Mooney's description of the reaction to his newly formed DCU society- Sober Soc. "The overall response has been hugely positive. The support has been overwhelming.

DCU student applied for Voice reporter role on a whim

DCU student David Atkinson entered RTÉ's competition to find a reporter for The Voice of Ireland on a whim with just minutes to spare. The Communications student, who was announced as the backstage online V-Reporter for The Voice of Ireland live shows last week, told The College View he applied for the competition on the advice of his mother.

Measles outbreak confirmed at NUIG

Outside DCU Students at NUI Galway were warned to be vigilant following confirmation last Friday that two of their students had contracted measles. The HSE issued a public warning as news of the outbreak emerged, stating it would be working closely with the university to keep the outbreak under control.

DCU to sober up with new alcohol-free society

DCU students who don't or are advised against drinking alcohol have welcomed the setting up of Sober Soc on campus; a society offering social events which benefit the mind, liver and purse. The creation of the society coincides with the release of Central Statistics Office data which indicates Irish people drank over seven per cent less in 2013 than in 2012.

Sober as a...student?

Student Life It's 8pm on a Monday. Shouts of "ref SERIOUSLY what are you at?" filter from the NuBar into the corridor of The Hub and travel upstairs to The Mezz. Here, another bunch of students have gathered to make even more noise.

The Daily Shift

#Budget 2014: Noonan and Howlin speak out | on

Budget 2014 will be released tomorrow afternoon. Aoife Bennett of The Daily Shift takes a look at the words of the two TDs who will deliver the news... Finance Minister,Michael Noonan, has spoken on camera regarding tomorrow's budget, In the video he refers to the main points he will address during the speech, such...

8,000 calls about Maria to Greek children's charity | on

A Greek children's charity has received over 8,000 calls relating to the discovery of a young girl at a Roma camp. The Daily Shift's Aoife Bennett has more... The Smile of the Child charity, whose care four-year-old Maria is now under, has received more than 8,000 calls from several countries regarding the young girl's safety and welfare....

And baby makes three

"Parenthood isn't something you can study for. You have to learn from experience." Amy Huberman and Kate Middleton are just two of the plethora of famous names who have announced pregnancies recently. Both aforementioned ladies are adding to their brood, while Samantha Mumba is to become a mother for the first time.

Protect Your Crowning Glory

I'M not really someone you should come to for advice about your hair. I cut it myself when I was three, and my hair is perpetually either straight down or in a ponytail. However, with a hairdresser in the family I've picked up a few hair care hints and secrets on how to take care of the top of your head.

The Show Must Go On: Life Without Finn Hudson

Home Entertainment Film & Television The Show Must Go On: Life Without Finn Hudson I promised myself I wasn't going to cry. Like most promises, this one was broken almost as soon as it was made. Glee was my staple TV diet when I was a teenager.

Irishness 101

IT'S not as easy as ticking a box on a form, you know. Being inherently Irish brings its own cultural norms with it. We're a strange bunch when you think about it. When someone comes to visit, not offering a cup of tea (and maybe a biscuit if you REALLY like them) is as much of a sin as killing that person.

Wrapped Up For Winter

THE nights are getting longer. It's getting colder and all the rain that we missed out on in the summer seems to be falling at once. Welcome to winter! The slinky dresses and open-toed flip flops we swore by in July just won't cut it when walking home from work in November.

Lather Me Up Baby

TWO women walk into Boots and pick up the exact same thing - a bottle of baby shampoo. One of the women is a new mother, complete with the baby in tow. The other is a young college student with no children. Both need the shampoo, but for different means.

Keeping up with Cupid

YOU never mean to, but you always tune into the conversations around you. The other day, I was in a coffee shop on my way home from work, buying something that would (at least try to) get me through the day. I happened to catch the exchange between two girls behind me.

Health Handles: PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is the most common endocrine (cell, gland or tissue) disorders among women. It is characterised by numerous cysts appearing on the ovaries and on organs surrounding such, like the uterus. However, not all women with ovarian cysts have PCOS.

From Drinking To Donating: How We Defeated NekNominations

Home Life Food & Drink From Drinking To Donating: How We Defeated NekNominations JUST like everything else, it's all fun and games until something goes wrong. And this time, things went horribly wrong. A trend with origins in Perth, Western Australia, NekNominations became the new 'thing' among young Irish Facebook users this year.

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