Anthony Burke

Chief Technology Marketing Officer

I am a proven, results-oriented Tech and Digital Marketing leader with a track record of increasing revenue, reducing costs and developing high performance teams through operational excellence. I have extensive experience developing, executing and measuring effective lead generation programs that positively impact pipeline development and revenue growth. I have over two decades of experience in business and IT at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, American Express, Guardian Royal Exchange, AXA, Chubb Insurance, QBE Insurance, Xchanging, Hewitt Associates and WSI in the UK and worldwide. I am bilingual English and Spanish.

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Your Reputation is Your Most Important Asset

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. In our ever connected world, you are creating a trail in every area of your life about your integrity, performance, expertise and your reputation is becoming the backbone of the new business model which is now called Social Business.

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WSI Wisdom Book

The WSI Onlinebiz Digital Marketing book of online wisdom magazine
Mad About Cricket

Mad About Cricket - Cricket Round Up from around the World updated daily on our online magazine.

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Baby Boomers Get Serious Online

Baby boomers are those people born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964. However, the term “baby boomers” is sometimes used in a cultural context and different groups, organisations, individuals and scholars may have widely varying opinions on what constitutes baby boomers. For our purposes baby boomers are the 50+ generation. magazine
World of Tech

Tech News from around the World covering the up to date tech news that is hot on the internet. magazine
Rugby Union Roundup

At WSI Onlinebiz we are passionate about sport. Here is the Rugby Union News from around the World in our online rugby union magazine.

My topics on Pinterest

On our Pinterest board we cover most of the main digital and tech topics and indulge our sporting passions with some boards dedicated to our favourtie sports and some other key interests.

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Google Panda Proof Your Online Business Part Two

At a recent networking event, I was asked by a local business owner “What is Google Panda and should I be worried?” She also asked me “Why does Google come out with all these weird names – Panda, Penguin,Venice etc” but we will leave that one for another time! So, last week we posted on the blog on how to Google Panda Proof Your Online Business Part One and introduced this topic which we will discuss further today and focus on the importance of quality link building. The topic of SEO on its...

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Online Reputation Management

What is your online reputation like? Does it reflect your company ethos? Are there negative postings about your business online? As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of positive online reputation.

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Google Panda Proof Your Online Business Part One

Google is continually updating the search engine and Google Panda is a significant change in Google’s search algorithm. The Google Panda update focuses on weeding out websites with low-quality content. magazine
Digital Marketing Fever

Digital Marketing Fever is our online magazine that focuses on all things related to social tech and digital marketing. A great source of up to date news on digital marketing with a good community

JMR Consulting UK Ltd
Electronic Data Management Systems

Your business documentation is the lifeblood of your business and your business documents are constantly generating value. Your business needs continual access to the documents that drive value for your business.

JMR Consulting UK Ltd
Electronic Data Management Systems

This series of blog posts on Electronic Data Management will explore the issues businesses face to store and manage all this critical information securely.

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Automatos Digital Security

Most of us have learned from our mothers and I’m sure you mother has said to you “Don’t talk to strangers” For many people this is their first personal security policy in life.

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Automatos Service Management

On of the main purposes of technology is to make our lives easier. We know that the potential of technology is massive and it has created more than a few business revolutions already.

Solvency Wire
XBRL and Solvency II

In this post we can discuss one of the main technologies and standards that underpin the reporting aspects of Solvency II. Notwithstanding the delay, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) had already chosen XBRL International as the uniform format for Solvency II insurance reporting across Europe.

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Solvency II in Insurance

If you are a project manager or a programme manager there are some good opportunities in the financial services / insurance sectors. Have you heard of Solvency II, sometimes written as Solvency 2? If you work in the insurance or an associated industry, then you must have been living in a cave not to have heard of it!

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Social Media Ethics

Companies of all shapes and sizes are jumping into social networking to further their business objectives.

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