Ann Tworek

Marketing Assistant, Factor 8

Location icon United States

Ann's advertising and marketing journey didn't begin until after she graduated from Arizona State University. She chose to leave the familiar education industry to learn new skills and apply her writing in new ways. After experiencing an internship in a local boutique advertising agency, Ann moved on to a full-time position as an associate copywriter with G/O Digital, the digital marketing sector of media giant TEGNA.

While at G/O Digital, Ann thrived, applying skills as quickly as she's learned them. This dedication to collaboration, organization and plain old quality writing earned Ann a spot as a leader within the copywriting department. Ann grew into a Senior Copywriter role overseeing, training, and delegating tasks to multiple employees while continuing to offer the same high-quality copy she always has.

Ann then utilized her copywriting skills to transition into a Marketing Assistant role with Factor 8. Since arriving, she has refined her writing to best fit the unique voice of Factor 8 and has been able to expand her knowledge to include CRM software like Hubspot and Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more.

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