Annie Greenwood

My name is Annie Greenwood and I recently graduated from Idaho State University with a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology. I enjoyed my school experience and gained experience and confidence in my classes; particularly through my clinical practicum, which allowed me to practice and learn within the community in varying situations and always kept me on my toes. Throughout my graduate program I also interned for speech language pathologists in schools and hospitals. These gave me more practice in specific areas and helped me to distinguish where I really wanted to work. My experiences in both hospitals and schools fueled my passion for working with children in both settings, but particularly in schools.

I am currently employed at a cottage industry that produces organic clothing to sell locally and online. Often my position includes making clothing or babysitting my boss’ children so that she can have some peace. I love both, but my eventual career goal is to work as the primary speech pathologist within my local school district at any grade level, and preferably at multiple levels. I love speech pathology because of the diversity of age groups and creative ways in which I can help each patient succeed.

My writings reflect my interests and the research I’ve done up to this point. I hope to continue learning and adding more to what I know. I look forward to my future career in speech pathology.