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My name is Annelisa Zamora and I am currently a third-year student at Cal State San Marcos pursuing a B.A. in Literature & Writing Studies with a minor in Video/Film Production. Writing is my passion, creatively and non-creatively. I have 2 years of experience working at my university's independent student newspaper, The Cougar Chronicle as well as digital marketing experience working for interior design company, The Perfect Room.

Writing and creating are my passions, whether it be in writing or video.

The Cougar Chronicle
Women at War speaks on the realities of being a soldier

Playwright, Rebecca Johannsen, debuted the latest edition of her play, Women at War at CSUSM on Nov. 7. The play retells the true stories of four women soldiers from the U.S. Army's Female Engagement Team (FET) that was deployed to Afghanistan from 2012 to 2013. These four soldiers were played by Sheradyn Luro (soldier...

The Cougar Chronicle
Student brings class project to life with art installation in Vista

One of CSUSM's students is working on a public art piece to be displayed at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens located in Vista, CA. Sarah Bricke is a fourth year student at CSUSM majoring in Visual Arts. The installation piece she is currently building began as a class project for VSAR 406, Installation Art,...

The Cougar Chronicle
Literary series opens with politically and emotionally charged presentation

Jackie Wang, Boston based writer and poet, spoke about her experience and research on the United States continuum of incarceration and read from her recently published book of essays, Carceral Capitalism at the first Community and World Literary Series (CWLS) event this fall. Wang is a black studies scholar, prison abolitionist, poet, filmmaker, performer and...

The Cougar Chronicle
CSUSM students learn what it means to be "femme"

The Gender Equity Center (GEC) kicked off the new semester with Femme Fest in hopes to educate and entertain. The primary focus of the small celebration was the history and evolution of the term "femme." "Femme" was originally used to describe the physical appearance of lesbian women who dressed in a traditionally feminine way rather...

The Cougar Chronicle
ocumentary shines light on professor who overcame life as a gang member

CSUSM's Transitions Collective hosted a screening of The Pushouts, a documentary film directed by Katie Galloway centered around the story of Dr.Victor Rios; a college professor, author, speaker and former gang member. Rios grew up in Watts, California and began selling heroin and stealing cars from a young age.

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