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LSU announces Tiny Tigers as new pregnancy and parenting program

University faculty members and students with nursing children no longer need to worry about breastfeeding in cramped cars or unsanitary bathrooms. The first major initiative of Tiny Tigers, the University's new pregnancy and parenting program, was to implement more accessible lactation rooms across campus.

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LSU SG potentially launching two-year program for disabled students

The University may soon kickstart a new two-year program for students with special needs. The goal is to provide special needs students with the college experience while also teaching them useful life skills and preparing them to go into the workforce. Some of the fundamentals they will teach include writing a resume, living independently and improving communication skills.

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LSU students react to new tailgating regulations

University students have expressed frustration with the new tailgating regulations prohibiting Greek tailgates both at the Greek houses and on the Parade Ground.Students view tailgating on the Parade Ground as a time-honored ritual that should be reestablished to provide a sense of community and promote safety among students.

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Louisiana Parole Project hopes to give juveniles a second chance

The Louisiana Parole Project is working within the community to provide second chances to formerly incarcerated individuals. Founded by sociology senior Andrew Hundley in 2016, the non-profit organization originally provided services for juveniles with life sentences who were released on parole. The program has now expanded to assist anyone who has served over 20 years.

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Stolen Halloween decorations found at LSU Kappa Sigma house

The LSU Kappa Sigma fraternity could be at the center of a recent epidemic of stolen Halloween decorations that has been sweeping through the city of Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge resident Matt Johnson looked outside his window on Tuesday night to discover his handcrafted clown decoration was missing from his front yard.

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LSU students help rehabilitate stroke victims with adaptive guitar

Stroke victims now have a creative option for their rehabilitation, thanks to a team of University students who have built an adaptive guitar specializing in restoring motor function. The guitar, which is the second of its kind, was originally the brainchild of Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Nikita Kuznetsov.

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Three arrested for theft of John Deere vehicle, drunk driving at LSU

Three men were arrested on LSU's campus early Sunday morning after allegedly stealing a John Deere utility vehicle. Tyler Jones, 22, Robert Nicklas, 22 and Daryl Lally, 21 were all charged with theft of a motor vehicle, while the driver, Lally, was also charged with a DWI.

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Tiger Band to represents LSU in controversial Zulu parade

The Zulu parade has been a staple of New Orleans Mardi Gras culture since the early 1900s, but some still question the parade's traditional use of blackface and the University's recent choice to have the Golden Band from Tigerland perform alongside Zulu Queen and finance sophomore Kailyn Rainey.

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