Anna Engelland

Journalism Student

Location icon United States of America

Future educator with a background in customer service and commercial photography. Pursuing a B.A. in Journalism with a certification in secondary education.

Construction on UNT's campus interferes with learning

Active construction sites are desirable for American universities - it shows the school's wealth from donors and tuitions and it shows the school is growing at such a pace that it needs bigger, better facilities, but jumping feet-first into construction may mean students miss out on learning.

The University of North Texas leads the world in musician health and safety

Career-ending injuries are one of the biggest threats to professional musicians to-date. From a ringing in the ears to chest pains to motion injuries, musicians and performing artists face a myriad of potential injuries in their field. UNT's College of Music made plans to address this by offering the world's first Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecture Series enriches student learning at UNT

Dr. Jane Goodall spoke to a crowd of over 4000 attendees in UNT's Coliseum on Monday evening in UNT's Distinguished Lecture Series. Her lecture, titled Tomorrow and Beyond: An Evening with Jane Goodall, detailed how she discovered her love of animals, her study of chimpanzee behavior in Tanzania and her conservation efforts.