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I'm currently studying Bachelors in journalism and photography, hence want to consider a career as a photojournalist working for news organisations such as ABC, Herald Sun which will allow me to travel often and put forward direct reflection of the people, stories, and places that inspire me. I enjoy the finer things in life: good music, milk chocolate, lime and hot sauce, starry nights, and definitely, a cynophilist!

Opinion: India and its unfair obsession with skin colour

As Europeans spend a whooping amount of money and time to achieve a fake tan, Indians are doing the same to get white skin. India's whitening cream market is swelling year after year. Women of dark complexion face humiliation in every stage of their lives.

VIDEO: Breaking through the language barrier

One of the major problem international students face is to speak in English. Few students talk about their difficulties in communicating with local Australians. Let’s hear about their struggle story and what actions they are taking to cope up with the problem

ELECTION STORY: Converting minimum wage to living wage

Australian Labor party’s plan is to change the minimum wage to a living wage if they win the Elections in 2019. Their focus is to lift Australia’s lowest paid employees from poverty and offer them a comfortable life.

The struggles of studying abroad

'A new girl in the city' - Megan had seen a movie ages ago where an aspiring journalist, in a new city, started her column with this headline. When Megan moved to Australia for her studies, those words came alive for her.

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