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Angelique Killebrew

Family Fitness Food
How to Maintain Your Diet on Summer Vacation - Family Fitness Food

Summer vacation is something the whole family looks forward to all year long. Fun days at the beach, camping, or amusement parks would get anyone excited! Getting out of your routine is great, but those fun disruptions can lead to some pretty unhealthy choices. New places come with so many things to try, but as ...

MedSmarter Atlanta - US Medical Licensing Exam Prep
America Needs More Women Medical Students & Female Surgeons

For the last two years, women have outpaced men in medical school attendance. This shows that more avenues are opening up for women to forge paths in areas of medicine previously denied to them. The new trend is also leading to an increase in women medical students across the country.

MedSmarter Atlanta - US Medical Licensing Exam Prep
It's Time to Put These Top 5 MCAT Score Myths to Rest

The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized exam you must pass to get into most medical schools. This article identifies misconceptions about getting high scores on this US medical exam. Learn the truth behind these MCAT score myths.

5 Easy Life Hacks That Can Save You Thousands This Year

Once in college, I sat down and calculated how much money I spent on food-not on groceries but those coffee shop pit stops and late night meals. It was in the thousands which are crazy, but not unrealistic. We all can get busy and start spending money on convenient things without thinking.

Running Gear: 4 Things You Need and 3 Extra Things That Make Running More Fun

So you've decided to start running? That's an exciting step. Running improves heart health, promotes circulation in your body while helping to tone your body from head to toe. With any new exercise regimen, you can easily get overwhelmed. There are so many things to buy, but there are few things that you have to buy.