Angela Yussuff

Freelance writer | Nutritionist | Food Technician

Location icon United Kingdom

Food and writing: Here lie my two greatest passions. From a young age I could be found either in the kitchen creating my latest masterpiece/mess or penning the newest addition to my book of short stories. Today, little has changed. Dividing my time between working as a nutritionist, food technician and a freelance writer, I am able to conjure up culinary creations whilst also utilising my extensive journalistic, scientific and health promotion knowledge to write engaging copy across a multitude of areas including health, nutrition, sustainability, lifestyle and travel.

I have written features for several national, local and online publications, including Healthy, Women's Health, Top Santé, Women's Fitness and Eat Healthy.

A hard working and dedicated writer, I have a flair for research and a proven ability to apply personal and technical skills to achieve well above required targets.

The examples below give you just some idea of the features I can do. Additional examples of other styles of work are available on request. Drop me a line at: [email protected]


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