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I write under my name, Angela Borda, as well as my pen name, Silver Webb.



Marlyn Daggett: Nothing's Shocking

An Interview by Silver Webb and Laila Alamiri The cover artist for Volume 4 "Stardust," Marlyn Daggett is an irrepressible brig...

Pacifica's Visionary Future: Forging into the Future of Depth Psychology

A blog post by by Joseph Cambray, CEO-President & Provost of Pacifica If you look around the world, there are not many academic institutions that focus on depth psychology. There are places in Europe and South America where it is included as a part of coursework, but Pacifica is the premier academic institution devoted to depth psychology.

Food & Home Magazine - Fall 2016
The Sweet Life

Meeting Jill and Jean-Michel and learn about the art of chocolate making!
Magali Michaut: The Siren

Paris-born singer-songwriter Magali Michaut first appeared on the Amsterdam songwriting scene in 2014, recorded and released her 2016 debut 'Bonjour' CD, and has since toured ten countries including festival appearances in Denmark, Estonia, Greenland, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Writing in both French and English, Magali accompanies herself on piano, guitar, and ukulele.
An Interview with Artist and Poet Mary Freericks

Mary is a contributor to Volume 1 of SB Lit Jo, which will be out in June. I met Mary dancing. As one does. In full Regency dress, at the Winter Dreams Ball. "Will you take a picture of me?" I believe that was her opening line.
A Little Wicked, A Little Shy: An Interview with Lisa Lamb

by Silver Webb Lisa Lamb is the author of "After the Apple," a short story appearing in Volume 1, 2018, of SB Lit Jo. To purchase, visit Amazon here. I recently sat down to tea in Lisa's backyard with lemon cake and a nice pot of Earl Grey and Ceylon.


Food Writer
Grilled Swordfish: The Food Writer Loses Her Cool

I'm starting to know Chef Antonio's expressions by now, and when he brings this plate out from the kitchen, he has that look like it's Christmas morning and we're about to open a present. As always, he tells me to inhale and look before I taste.

Kanaloa Seafood Market
Surf and Turf: Lobster and Chorizo Tacos at Kanaloa

There are a lot of things you might expect when you see a taco on the menu in Santa Barbara. But lobster and chorizo tacos are probably not one. Yet it is a popular special at Kanaloa Seafood, consisting of two open-faced tacos presented on a wood plank.

Kanaloa Seafood Market
Kanaloa Crab cakes: The Crabby Foodie Concedes

It is a known fact: I judge a restaurant by its crab cake. Without apology. If your crab cake falls short, the whole restaurant is right out. Call me a crab cake connoisseur with stringent standards.

Pavlova: Hysteria and Despair in the Kitchen

The Pavlova is a dessert named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova, for the ethereal beauty of meringue topped with whipped cream and berries. It should look something like this: In my youth, I made a Pavlova and found it to be the easiest thing possible to create.
Year of the Fire Rooster: Thoughts on the Thomas Fire

From a metaphysical perspective (because you know, California Girl here), I can't help but point out that this has been the year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. Our political landscape has been savage, a seemingly careless burn of civil rights and decency.
Huzzah! Abigail Adams Tea Room: Adventures at the Boston Tea Party Museum

It should be stated straight away that I am not adverse to tourist kitsch. But I will admit that as I took the T to South Station and made the short walk to the Boston Tea Party Museum, I knew I had 80 percent odds that the baked goods from the Abigail Adams Tea Room were going to be a disaster.
Fenway, America the Beautiful...and veggie dogs?

Baseball mystifies me. My opinions on baseball are limited to critiquing the beards and bell-bottom pants that seem to be part of the modern baseball uniform. Am I the only one who misses those knickers that came to the knee, and clean-shaven guys looking snappy at bat?
Vermont: the land of maple syrup, moose, and transcendental ice cream

Ah, Vermont. Don't be fooled by the map showing major routes that you can take to traverse the state. Prepare yourself for wee little roads dotted with "moose crossing" signs. The good news is, Vermont is so lovely that you won't care if your tires are being slowly flayed off your car.
Burdick Chocolate: the apex of lux

There really is no day so dour that it can't be salvaged with a high octane chocolate mouse with almonds for ears and a pretty ribbon tail. Come to think of it, you can pretty much pick any given chocolate at Burdick and come away with a significant yet legal buzz.

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