Andrew Wassung

Social & Multi Media idea's artist. I keep a journal. Follow/Google me and you'll find out more

I have grown up living around some of Southern Africa’s most beautiful places; from Cape Town, where I was born, and sandy Arniston Bay, to the shores of the great Zambezi, the pristine Okavango, and starry Namibia, with a stopover in Jo’burg for a few normal years, and boarding school in the hills of KwaZulu Natal.

After a year of making beds and cleaning toilets in Scotland, scoffing one pound noodles on the streets of London, Swiss skiing, and Thai island-hopping (bought kashmir suit), I set my sights on Rhodes University. Here I finished a Bachelor of Journalism & Media Studies while blissfully and barefootedly dwelling in the revelry of small town living and learning to navigate the local Pick n Pay with my eyes closed. (kashmir suit not needed).

I have a deep love for this extraordinary country & continent, her people and her beautiful, fragile wilderness.

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