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Andrijana Ilic


I'm a freelance journalist covering science and technology as a staff writer at Out Of The Box Science, This is Brainy
and Serbian online newspaper,
while occasionally write for many other worldwide websites.

My primary aim is to provide informative, quality and efficient articles because I care about your satisfaction and my reputation.


Science & Technology

Space Elevator - Dream High Above The Clouds

Mankind has always been fascinated by the heights. From the very beginning when we were surrounded just by nature, people have yearned for heights. No matter if it has shown as a look to the sky or climb to the tree, our heads has always been lifted up.

Out of the Box Science
IBM Research Managed To Store Data In A Single Atom - Out of the Box Science

Imagine that you could store Itunes library of 35 million songs in a device not larger than a credit card? Sound impressive and thanks to IBM research possible in the near future. What a remarkable achievement for data storage technology have managed to accomplish IBM Research.

Xlon Tech
Top 4 Tech Stories In 2016 | Xlon Tech

In the tech world, a lot of things happens every day. Sometimes seems hard to capture all the news and creative innovations. Luckily, the meanings of new discoveries aro so useful, that we can't overlook them. We have prepared for you top 4 tech stories in 2016! 1.

Out of the Box Science
The 5 Weirdest Planets To Have Been Discovered So Far - Out of the Box Science

There are many strange things we don't understand about our universe, with black holes, dark matter and a whole bunch of weird sights and sounds out there that we just can't figure out. But what is even more complicated when we think we understand, and then we make a discovery that confuses us, especially when ...

Out of the Box Science
Memristor: Artificial Synapse That Can Learn Autonomously - Out of the Box Science

Researchers from the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Thales, the University of Bordeaux in Paris-Sud, and Evry have created an artificial synapse called a memristor directly on a chip. This leads the way for intelligent systems that will use less energy and take less time to learn autonomously.

Out of the Box Science
3D Printed Bionic Skin Could Give Robots Sense Of Touch - Out of the Box Science

Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have created a 3D printed bionic skin, potentially creating a way for robots to feel like humans do. Based on stretchable electronic sensory devices also make it easier for other robots to walk and interact with their environment.

Out of the Box Science
Meet Vantablack: The Blackest Material Known To Science - Out of the Box Science

Three years ago a team of British researchers from Surrey NanoSystems invented and produced the blackest material known to science named Vantablack. Since then, the team permanently works on material by updating its blackness. Today, there is no spectrometer in the world powerful enough to measure how much light it absorbs.

Out of the Box Science
CERN Discovered Five New Sub-Atomic Particles - Out of the Box Science

CERN continues with their incredible discoveries, bringing to the table whole new physics. After the discovery of Higgs Boson, disproving the existence of the paranormal and finding evidence of a new manifestation of mater-antimatter asymmetry, this time they discovered entirely new five sub-atomic particles. Revealing of these particles can help scientists to explain how the ...

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