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Comedy Writer and Content Editor

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Hi there! My name is Andrew Kut. I am a freelance comedy writer and editorial assistant based out of New York City.

I have moved my portfolio to my new domain as of August 1st. Please check out to see more!

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The Official 2018 Presidential Fitness Plan!

It's a new year, and that means a new you! This is the time for you to shape up, find that motivation and treat your body right - after all, don't you want to live a long, healthy life? After President Trump's physical results, everything we thought we knew about a healthy lifestyle has been [...]

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5 Emergency Alerts We Need in Our Lives

Look, smartphones are great, but they're also a constant reminder of how shitty life can be. One day your phone reminds you that your boss is pissed at you, and one day it says you're going to die a fiery death from a fucking ballistic missile.

Weekly Humorist
5 New Chicago Based Cable Shows

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 22nd, 2018 As we all know, Chicago is the thrill city of the United States. From murder to giant beans, the "windy" city truly has it all, and the viewers of America know this! Cable stations realized this quickly, and capitalized with hit shows such as "Chicago Fire", "Chicago PD", and of course, "Chicago Justice."


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5 Small Business Marketing Mythbusters

In many cases, marketing for a small business isn't traditional, it's anything but that. Limited funds and manpower force a level of creativity that larger companies don't necessarily need. However, as 28 million small businesses across the United States know first hand (including us), without an ef

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The Power of Personal Testimony In Video

The power of a personal testimony comes second to none when important decisions are a factor. Whether we care to admit it or not, humans rely heavily on others opinions in order to make their own decisions, and that's not meant to be taken negatively. The proof behind this logic is everywhere.

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Snapchat's 3D Lenses Are Officially Open For Business

Snapchat - A former nonsensical word that has shifted into one of the most common additions to our day-to-day lives since 2011. Targeted primarily towards millennials, Snapchat has become a living, breathing network of ever changing, sporadic communication between people worldwide that acts as a pri

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