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How Much Does Business Insurance Cost for Freelancers?

Being a freelancer is about having the freedom to choose when, where, and who you work for. But no decision is more important than which insurance you pick. Let's face it, things are never as simple for freelancers as they seem. Money issues, accidents, professional liability, and legal claims could all hurt your business when you least expect it.

How Employee Benefits Have Changed Since COVID

Indeed, the pandemic has brought sweeping changes to the workforce. So much, in fact, that the pre-COVID-19 labor market as we knew is unlikely to return soon, if ever. But how will employees stay afloat until the economy recovers? After all, the need for social distancing has strained the employee benefits system to the limits.

New Hope for Hotels in 2021?

To make matters worse, the lack of a working vaccine in production means there's still no guarantee that the next year will be any better. And yet, with 2020 coming to a close, hoteliers still have reasons to look towards 2021 with hope.