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With over 15 years in television, radio and digital media, I have a wealth of experience in the media industry. I am a versatile journalist, with an interest in many areas including world news, politics, community affairs, and sport. My goal is to continue working in news production, learning the latest techniques to make news accessible to audiences.

Specialties: Social media, online publishing, digital editing, television production, radio production.

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'I cried in the car on the way home'

Students have been voicing their concerns after part of an A-level maths paper was leaked online. Sections of the A-level Maths Paper 3 exam were shared online ahead of students sitting the exam on Friday. Those affected have suggested it was leaked "around 12 hours prior to the exam on several social media forums".

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'I think about Calvin, my stillborn son, every day'

"My son would have turned three in January. Not a day goes by when I don't wish I could have saved him or traded places with him." In 2016, Jason Langston and his wife, Susan, had a stillborn son they named Calvin.

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The Windrush spark that never died

In 1944, before the Empire Windrush arrived in the UK, Harold Sinson was about to meet the love of his life in a family home in Yorkshire. Harold came to the UK from Guyana - then British Guiana - and served in the Royal Air Force during the war.

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'That is not how you say my name'

In light of the story about mispronounced names at graduation ceremonies, people have been sharing their experiences of when others have slipped up saying their names. Sometimes names may be difficult to say because they are not often heard in certain parts of the world.

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'Go back home' - Bitter backlash post EU referendum

Since the EU referendum results revealed the UK voted to leave, people have been compiling reports of racism on social media. A number of incidents where people have experienced hostility because of the colour of their skin and their ethnic background have been shared online.

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Barbados at 50: Golden jubilee of facts

Happy birthday Barbados! The Caribbean island is 50 years old on 30 November - more to the point, it's 50 years since it gained independence from the UK. There are a few things you may already know about this island of a little more than 280,000 people: it was a centre of sugar production, has produced numerous world class cricketers, and is the birthplace of iconic pop star Rihanna.

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'I have impostor syndrome too'

Michelle Obama's remarks about impostor syndrome - a term used to describe feelings of insecurity or self-doubt, despite there being no evidence to support such a belief - have inspired others to share their experiences. When Sophie Montagne applied to be a part of the Ice Maiden expedition in Antarctica, she didn't think she would make the cut.

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Mental illness: How do you cope?

As part of the BBC's In The Mind season, we have been asking how you cope with mental illness. From listening to music and running, to colouring a picture and spending time with your family, you have sent us your photos and messages of your personal stories and how you manage day-to-day.

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Gareth Southgate's compassion praised

Amid England's celebrations after winning Tuesday's penalty shootout to enable them to progress to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, manager Gareth Southgate was comforting a Colombian player who had missed his penalty. Southgate knows only too well what that feels like. In the Euro 1996 tournament, England's semi-final against Germany went to penalties.

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'My therapy animal is inspirational'

To board an aeroplane and find that one of your fellow passengers has feathers is not a usual occurrence. But this is exactly what happened on a recent US domestic flight when a turkey was spotted sitting in a seat on the plane.

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