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Andrea Marlowe

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I am a writer who loves to hear stories and share them. I'm not afraid to dig deep, challenge myself, and have a few laughs along the way.

11th Hour
Live & Local With Atria

Photo by Claire Helm Atria, the bright orange star of a small triangular constellation, is also the name of Savana Cameron's solo music endeavor. Her music explores transient soundscapes, a compliment to Cameron's ethereal vocals. While creating atmospheric-like tunes, she is also currently finis

Tennessee Surf Rock With Repeat Repeat

Repeat Repeat started its life as surf rock from high atop the Cumberland Plateau. East Nashville, Tenn. to be exact. As they get ready for their next album, titled Floral Canyon and tentatively set for a July release, the band is growing past the purely sunny sounds of their debut Bad Latitude, changes you can hear in the Field Session recorded with the Field Note Stenographers.

Field Note Stenographers
Interview-Daddy Issues

When I first heard Daddy Issues’ album, Can We Still Hang, I thought these would have been the girls I smoked cigarettes with in my high school bathroom. Their grungy and gritty realness not only transported me back to my teenage bedroom scattered with my angsty poetry and walls covered with my brother’s old CD longboxes, but their music still speaks to my inner nonconformist wild child of today.

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Interview: Frankie Cosmos

"I floated in and started living" are the first lines on the album Next Thing by Frankie Cosmos, one that cannot merely be listened to on the surface.

11th Hour
Live & Local with DJ Shawty Slim

Many people may know DJ Shawty Slim as B.o.B.'s DJ, but in Macon he has become synonymous with epic afternoon dance parties and is also the production designer behind former Macon hip hop artist Floco Torres's more recent albums, such as Porsche and Dreamboard.

11th Hour
Talking with The Weeks; Playing Bragg Jam July 30

Interview by Andrea Marlowe Talk about living the dream, most of the members from The Weeks have been doing so since they were only15. Don't get me wrong, their budding success doesn't come without a lot of hard work and an immense amount of drive. The Mississippi boys, Cyle Barnes

11th Hour
Live & Local with Back City Woods

Back City Woods is no newcomer to Macon's music landscape. The high energy Southern bluegrass rock band released their first full length album, The Light. The Dark. The Dusk., this year and have been named Atlanta Braves Band of the Year 2013. I spoke with lead singer, Daniel NeSmith, about

11th Hour
Live & Local Howl

HOWL, one of the newest bands in Macon, is a raw, sometimes brazenly sexual rock and roll band that gets your feet moving and your palms a little sweaty.

11th Hour
Live & Local with Floco Torres

"Imma small town hero/I hit the big cities and compete with the best come back home and drink whiskey/Still humble enough to have a beer wit you" are lyrics from the Floco Torres' newest EP Porsche, is an album deluged with soul, determination, and earworm instrumental tracks that sound polished no

11th Hour
A Chat with C2 & the Brothers Reed

The Big Bird Bash, hosted by The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom and The Thirsty Turtle, has really stepped up the music game this year. This year's Bash is promising talents from Nashville southern rockers, The Vegabonds, electronic rock from Bootz & Katz, the rowdy tunes of Baby Baby, and one

Field Note Stenographers
Must See Aaron Lee Tasjan and Widow Pills

Aaron Lee Tasjan’s cover for his latest album, Silver Tears, may sum up the sound of his eclectic music taste well: a sterling gleam in a dusty, somber blue sky. Although this East Nashvillian has been in bands such as New York Dolls and Semi Precious Weapons, there is a quiet folk reverie to his boisterous roots that he has been exploring in his solo career.

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Cox Capitol Theatre

I was sometimes very gullible as a child. My brother had a KISS poster in his room and told me they were a Christian rock band. Even in their makeup I couldn't be swayed to this "fact." Well, until I heard their music.

Field Note Stenographers
Interview: Triathalon

When I spoke with Adam Intrator from Triathalon I could hear the beach wind rustling through the phone mic. Surely this was the appropriate setting for him to talk to me about his band that in corporates sounds from R&B and surf rock.

11th Hour
An Interview with Brave Baby by Andrea Marlowe

Playing Bragg Jam at The Library Ball Room, 7PM-8PM Teetering on the faultline of different genres, Brave Baby is a band that is making waves in the Charleston, SC music scene.

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Interview: *repeat repeat

Four silhouettes on a dark stage. A low strum of notes ensues, along with a bright, aggressive beat on drums. Two huge round lights suddenly barrage the stage with white, as if I've been transported to Warhol's Factory.

11th Hour
Show Review: Grace Potter at The Capitol Theatre

By Andrea Marlowe Seeing Grace Potter at the Cox Capitol Theatre for the second time was like watching the aftermath of her musical metamorphosis. On her solo debut, Midnight, she gives powerful vocals while suffusing her pop rock songs with Southern rock twang, funk, and energetic percussion. Parting from her