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A Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Family Home in Laguna

A home's floor plan has a story to tell, and this one in particular charms with its unconventionality. The usual expectation when you walk through the front door is a foyer that opens into a common area. Not for this home. Walking into it feels like walking right into an upper storey.
6 Space-Saving Pieces To Add To Your Home Wish List

We have to admit, there's a sweet satisfaction that comes from discovering the many ways you can maximize a living space. To take a small space-be it a studio or a one-bedroom unit-and make it habitable without sacrificing either comfort or aesthetic has become a welcome challenge for many condo dwellers across the Metro.
This Designer's Sophisticated 32sqm Condo Has A Story To Tell

The ambiance of the 32sqm condo unit is moody but not dreary, solemn but still homey; just what you'd expect a man-cave to feel like. Almost immediately, you recognize the home as a space with a story to tell, and that's exactly what draws you in.
What Do Fashion Designers' Homes Look Like?

The world of fashion is a world rich in design, color, texture, and patterns. It is an industry that creates the trends, and inspires awe and appreciation in those who follow them. On the home front, seasoned Filipino fashion designers have navigated the industry toward an aesthetic that celebrates local culture yet looks to the future with modern interpretations of classic Filipiniana, among many other innovative designs.
It Only Costs P350 A Day To Hold Office In This Heritage Building

New ideas often need old buildings. Such was the belief of American author and Urban Diversity advocate Jane Jacobs. She once wrote, "Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination." The same philosophy lies behind the movement that is growing within the walls of First United Building; one of the jewels on Escolta street's well worn-yet still glorious-crown of classic architectural landmarks.

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Condo Living (Vol. 10 No. 4 2015)