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I am Jakarta-based journalist who has lived in Bandung and Medan. I report on Jakarta clean water issues, economic issues in general and 2012’s Jakarta Elections. I also writing several articles about media, culture, lifestyle and whatever I find interesting. Here are just a few of them. I often use my full name as by-line. I just finished my master's degree majoring in communication at Universitas Indonesia.

Majalah Tempo
Schoemaker dan Kota Tua

Gedung OLVEH di Kota Tua Jakarta ternyata dirancang oleh arsitek kenamaan Belanda, Wolff Schoemaker. Kisah hidup sang arsitek ternyata penuh dengan drama.

Majalah Tempo
Sketsa Merah, Sketsa Kepedihan

Dua seniman Korea Utara memamerkan karyanya di Dia. Lo.Gue Artspace, Jakarta. Lewat warna merah, mereka menggambar penderitaan.

Tempo English
Science and Arts in Fred Edwards Potraits

Fred Langford Edwards has made photographs of the specimens Alfred Russel Wallace collected over 100 years ago. These are scientific portraits in an esthetically pleasing setting.

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Managing Water in Jakarta

An investment firm with no more than Sin$435 in cash had hoped to buy Palyja shares. Jakarta deputy governor hopes regionally-owned enterprises will be able to manage the city's water supply.

Lobi TV Digital dan Frekuensi Emas

Mahkamah Agung membatalkan peraturan Menteri Tifatul tentang televisi digital. Ada lobi pengusaha media sekaligus telekomunikasi.

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Young Fashionistas

Foreign fashion brands are flooding Jakarta, but limited retaiI space presents a bottleneck.

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Currency of Agreement

The PKS is supporting Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo after a financial understanding was reached. Joko Widodo meanwhile approached former provinciaI administration bureaucrats.

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The Second Wave

Indonesia comic books creators have gained more achievements in the international forum. At home, they rely on fans and online social media targeting the market

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Flood Insurance

lnsurance claims are estimated to reach Rp 3 trillion the flooding in Jakarta over the past two following weeks There are often delays in the payment of claims.

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People of the Twilight

Retirement homes are a growing industry in Indonesia. Customers are generally upper class or foreign

Lampu Kuning Monorel Jakarta

Gubernur DKI Jakarta memberi restu kelanjutan proyek monorel. Kemampuan finansial investor baru masih belum jelas.

Musim Semi Hotel Baru

Didorong pertumbuhan kelas menengah, booming hotel terjadi di Indonesia. Ancaman kelebihan pasokan mulai membayang.
Public Hallucinations: The Palyja Sale Mystery

A fake press release about Jakarta government approval of Manila Water plan to buy Palyja’s stock is widespreading. Who’s behind the mysterious press release?

Ujian Jokowi di Tanah Abang

Sengketa pengelolaan Pasar Blok A Tanah Abang antara PD Pasar Jaya dan Djan Faridz memasuki babak lanjutan. Menghadapi sponsornya, gubernur baru Jakarta diharapkan obyektif.
Dead in the Water

The Jakarta government wants to buy back control of its piped water system through two companies it owns. Activists say the city should run the system directly.

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