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Andra Coberly Webster

Writer, Journalist, Editor, Content Creator

Over the past two decades, I have made a career out of being a jack-of-all-trades kind of writer and communications pro with a love for mastering voice, boosting engagement and nurturing every piece of content into something clickable, shareable and enjoyable — from ghost-blogging for small businesses to creating content for large companies and nonprofits to writing short- and long-form magazine pieces. I have working knowledge of AP style, Wordpress, Adobe Suite and social media.

YMCA of Northern Colorado

YMCA of Northern Colorado offers health and fitness, after-school care, summer camps, sports and aquatics for Boulder, Broomfield and Weld counties.

HomeLight Blog
How to Find the Simple Joys in Downsizing to a Tiny House

You have too much stuff and a dangerous amount of space begging to be filled with more clutter. Dusty books, never-used gadgets, gear from long-forsaken hobbies, inherited knick-knacks and rollerblades litter every corner. You crave simplicity, you crave a more minimal way of living, you crave something tiny.

Fort Collins Magazine
The Breweries Less Traveled - Fort Collins Magazine

Northern Colorado is expected to add 500,000 residents in the next 20 years. Once-sleepy little towns like Timnath, Windsor and Johnstown are now preparing for the influx-planning with everything from housing and transportation to sewage systems and emergency services. Oh, and let us not forget beer.

Fort Collins Magazine
Pre-Fabulous - Fort Collins Magazine

Y OU MIGHT SAY THE BURGESSES' NEW HOME TOOK THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. When it was Colorado bound, being hauled from southern California in a convoy of six flatbed trucks, it ran into a literal roadblock.Roadwork had closed off the planned route, so the house had to be rerouted.

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Pros and Cons of For Sale by Owner: What Are Your Options?

You are a lone wolf. You are a rebel in "athleisure" wear. Someone who prefers to go it alone, no one questioning your convictions. You are the John Wayne of your cul-de-sac. Or maybe, you just hope to make more money.

Fort Collins Magazine
A Big HIIT - Fort Collins Magazine

True, all those things are Crayola orange at the newest, trendiest exercise spot in town. But the fast-growing chain is actually named after the orange zone-when you work out at 84 to 91 percent of your maximum heart rate. That is to say, it's when you push your body nearly to its limit.

HomeLight Blog
7 Prescriptions for How to Work Better With Your Real Estate Agent

As a homebuyer, you've meditated on the qualities of your ideal real estate agent. Honest, savvy and communicative. Likes: long walks on beach-front properties. Dislikes: receiving low offers. You know the characteristics you want and need in an agent. But have you thought about what an agent wants and needs from you?

5 Ways the YMCA Changes Lives

Feb 19, 2018, 14:20 PM by Andra Coberly You walk into the gym each day, smile at the fella behind the front desk, slip on your head phones and you get to work. You sweat, you get your heart rate up, you feel good. And then you leave.

At Camp, Disconnect and Reconnect

Keep up with what's happening at the YMCA of Boulder Valley. Our blog gives you a peek into what's going at the Y and in our community.

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