Andréa Butler

Magazine Editor. Freelance Writer. Social Media Star.

My friends call me Ms. Correcto. It's true.

I'm a magazine-, grammar-, and word-obsessed entrepreneurial writer, editor, publisher, and public speaker who focuses on creating positive messages for black teen girls.

In addition to launching Sesi magazine, a magazine especially geared for black teen girls, I've also worked as a high school English teacher and as a senior editor at LivingSocial.

I craft clever, compelling, informative content on the regular and slay errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation with a passion. I also enjoy sharing all that I've learned about starting an independent magazine by conducting hands-on workshops for groups looking to delve into the wondrous world of self-publication.


Sesi Magazine

"This Is Lyric"

Lyric Ross cover story for summer 2018 issue of Sesi


Create a Content Strategy Already via @onboardly

A hot toddy may prove a formidable opponent to the occasional scratchy throat, but when it comes to remedying what's ailing your content strategy, it's going to take a lot more than a few swigs of booze. (Sorry, liquid inspiration may be good for a lot of things, but building your content plan isn't one of them.)

Surprising Reason Great Content Marketers are Farmers via @Onboardly

Ever heard the one about the farmer who dumped a bunch of seeds on the ground, and instead of properly planting them, watering them, and caring for them, he returns to the store the next week to stock up on more seeds, repeating the same process? Of course you haven't.

Tell People Everything You Know! via @onboardly #startupmarketing

Remember when you were in school and you'd use your free hand to keep the prying eyes of your classmates from seeing the answers you were writing on your test paper? That may have worked in school, but in the business world, doing so can lead you to only cheating yourself.


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