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The essential International Women's Day reading list for all ages

This world is full of fierce and fearless trailblazing females. The activists who stomp on social norms and pushback against stereotypes, the everyday heroes who support us on the daily, the mothers who raise and nurture us, and the girls who are our future...

Then and now: the history behind buzzing F&B hub Columbia Circle

Photograph: courtesy Historic Shanghai A playground for Shanghai's American community, first founded in 1918, the American country club relocated to Panyu Lu in 1927. Set outside the International Settlement on a five-acre expanse of farmland, the area at the time was considered 'really out in the country', according to a guidebook from the 1930s.

5 remarkable women who shaped modern China

There's no denying that Shanghai could not be the fabulous city it is today without some fearless and fierce female pioneers helping it on its way. We take a look back at a few of the wonderful women who shaped the modern history of China.

Lady bosses of Shanghai

Photography by Yang Xiaozhe Hannah Keirl and Phoebe Han, bar raisers When Phoebe Han and Hannah Keirl get talking about bar business, you won't be able to stop them - and you won't want to, either. Their passion for their craft is infectious.

What to see and do in Malaysian Borneo

An island as diverse as its make-up, and Asia's biggest, Borneo is divided between three countries - Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Malaysian Borneo's largest state, Sarawak, is situated in the northwest of the island, and home to all sorts of natural beauty.

You can now tour Shanghai's modern architecture in a vintage Jeep

Shanghai might be famous for its Bund-side buildings, Art Deco icons and the Lujiazui skyscrapers that make for that Insta-perfect skyline shot, but the stories of many of these buildings remain unknown to most. And then there are the architectural feats that we walk by on the daily without even noticing.

The best alternative Chinese regional cuisines

With thousands of years of history, millions of miles of land and incredible geographical diversity, China arguably boasts one of the most developed, sophisticated and varied arrays of cuisines. Out of the shedloads of culinary traditions, eight cuisines are historically considered the foundational schools and styles of the country's cooking, or the Ba Da Caixi (八大菜系): Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui.

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