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Skilled creative writer, editor, and radio producer adept at crafting engaging content across a variety of digital and print mediums.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Master's degree in Education.

Political Analyst Tackles #MeToo Workplace Issues | Isenberg

The outpouring of female accounts of sexual misconduct in the workplace from the #MeToo movement first took hold in response to the world of Hollywood, but the problem has surfaced in almost every sphere, including the world of business. Companies that once seemed invincible have paid dearly, both in business and reputational terms-a concern for anyone with an entrepreneurial vision.

Blood Transfusions Saved Patient's Life

When Adam Merriam woke up at Baystate Noble Hospital, the first thing he saw was a dry erase board in his room with the current date. Three days had passed since his arrival to the Noble Emergency Department. But how could that be? He thought it was still Tuesday, the day that he'd arrived at the hospital.

Ducts - Rat Love in New York City

In the pet store, I saw a young girl with long black hair lean across the top of a wire cage to purse her lips at some unseen animal. What was it? I looked closer and saw a brown furry rodent more than three times the size of a mouse with a bare pink tail.

About Claire

One of Claire's block prints Performing at the Luthier's Co-op in Easthampton Teaching a geology workshop Claire Dacey is a singer/songwriter, local landscape educator, naturalist and self-taught artist with a strong background in the sciences. Her passion lies in finding unique and memorable ways to illuminate the simple but astounding beauty that surrounds each of us within our local communities.

Activism from a Personal Perspective: Registering People to Vote... and more

Activism from a Personal Perspective: Details Created: Friday, 21 August 2009 08:12 Registering People to Vote... and more by Amy Landau My first step toward political activism occurred in an unlikely setting: at the Joshua Tree Music Festival one weekend while camping with two friends in early May.

Topanga Canyon

Details Created: Thursday, 20 August 2009 14:47 Topanga Canyon by Amy Landau The longtime residents of an extraordinary artist community in Topanga Canyon are currently facing what may be the threat of their lives: imminent eviction.

Amy's Travel Page

travel diary through South-East Asia and back to the U.S.A. dear world three girls lapislion at i'm in Cambodia, Siem Reap, seeing the temples of Angkor Wat. they are amazing. we flew in here yesterday night and zoomed into town on motos - motorbikes - with drivers.

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