Amorah St John

Neighbors of Wailea and Makena
Willy the Whale Whisperer

Article is part of my Kupuna Wisdom series profiling elders on Maui. Here I write about Willy Bennett, a former electrical engineer turned whale watch captain.

The Adventures of the Light Sisters

This is a children's book about 3 girls who discover they have hidden powers. Illustrations by Maui artist, Janet Davis

Maui Vision Magazine
Vocations of Destiny

Autobiographical story for visionary magazine

Maui Vision Magazine
Reaching for the Sky

Colin O'Brady'a monumental climb, winning The Grand Slam (7 mountains in record time)

Film Festival
Creativity Speaks

Amorah gives voice to her quest for creative self-expression, meeting the "muse of writing" in this comedic short,

Movie script destined for Hollywood
SOUL LAND synopsis

A woman is diagnosed with cancer and won't die until her play gets to Broadway. This is a dramady, taking a serious subject and treating it lightly. For example, the lead character Annie is writing a musical about death and dying.

Ke Ola Magazine
Money, Me & Thee

Living in Abundance no matter what