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Amel Semmache

Africa Video Producer at Agence France-Presse

Location icon United Kingdom

French video journalist based in London, University of Hong Kong alumna (Master of Journalism), Cardiff University alumna (BA Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies).

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MSNBC [shot and edited 'Guardian' and additional footage]
The Umbrella Movement | Originals | msnbc

MSNBC.com's exclusive feature-length documentary "The Umbrella Movement" reflects on the hopes, clashes, symbols, guardians, memories and frustrations of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests with commentary by the President of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang and student leader Nathan Law "

NBC News
An instant, but reluctant, celebrity

The only woman among five student leaders to debate officials on live TV about the future of democracy in Hong Kong, Yvonne Leung gained instant notoriety with her sharp replies. It's a fame she doesn't want.

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