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Your Favorite Fancy Notebook Brand Is Making Fancy Tote Bags

I've been carrying the same once-actually-very-nice-but-now-incredibly-dingy leather tote bag for a long, long time. It's not because I especially love this bag above all others or because it has some deep sentimental value. No, I've slammed this poor thing around for two years simply because it can hold all my crap.


Emma Watson's Stylist Cut Off All My Hair and Fixed My Crappy Attitude

Until about a couple weeks ago, my sense of self-worth was all knotted up in the length of my hair. Like a perfectly executed fishtail braid, this skewed perception wove through my neural network: curtains of mermaid curls are gorgeous; anything above the ears is an unfortunate mishap.

Did Your Feral Long Weekend Mess Up Your Skin? There's a Mask for That

How was your long weekend? Mine was good. I spent it in the off-the-grid seclusion of my parents' cabin in the Catskills where I feasted on peaches and campfire marshmallows (don't come at me with graham crackers and chocolate) for three days, wore bug spray on MY FACE, and fell asleep each night to sleep the sleep of the sweaty and un-showered, a sleep as peaceful as the abyss, my scraped bare feet hanging off the edge of the aerobed.

These Are The Best And Bubbliest Products For Devoted Bubble Bath Enthusiasts

Normally, I am opposed to superfluous days of nationally acknowledged niche-celebration. National Hairball Awareness Day? Meh. National Tooth Fairy Day? Why? National Maple Syrup Day? Like I need a reason. But National Bathtub Party Day is something that, as a genuine bubble bath enthusiast, I can get excited about.


My Whiteness And My Blackness Are Not Reconcilable. - RaceBaitR

by Amber Rambharose Almost any given object can be split in half with each half making up 50% of whole. I can only think of one exception. When someone asks if I am half black or half white, I don't want to give the comfortable response they are looking for.

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