Amber Colyer

Freelance Writer / Editor / Work-a-holic

I am a freelance blogger, writer for fiction and non-fiction, ghost writer and general work-a-holic. I have covered topics from salons, to technology, to SEO and growth-hacking all the way back to video games and mental health issues.

If I am not writing, I enjoy a good book, horror movies, games, comics and anything that catches my imagination.

United States of America


Power Up Gaming

Gamers & Depression: How Paper Mario Saved Me | Power Up Gaming

Depression is not a new thing. Millions of people worldwide suffer from it and a lot of them never even know it. The ability to enjoy things, the ability to feel any sort of...

The Good Men Project

Real Men and Self-Perception -

"You're more of a man than your fiancé". This was said to me by an ex-roommate several years ago. To put this into context, I am a woman and my fiancé', now ex, was indeed a...

Power Up Gaming

Parents Who Game: Why The Social Stigma? | Power Up Gaming

When you think of a gamer with kids, what comes to mind? Some might think of a cool parent, enjoying games with their children, while others might think of an irresponsible...

10 New Horror Games To Scare Your Pants Off In 2015 |

Horror fans across the board, 2015 is in full swing! It brought with it a slew of horror games just ready to eat you alive and keep you awake forever. If you'd been putting off...

Power Up Gaming

A Horror Fan's Guide To Horror Games | Power Up Gaming

After my article on what constitutes true horror, the fact that I'm a bit of a horror nerd has been exposed. My shelves are lined with horror games, both obscure and mainstream,...

Stories & Solipsism

Black Cat - Redone Sample

Fantasy novel long time in the making - just a snippet here.

Power Up Gaming

What Makes a Video Game Truly Frightening? | Power Up Gaming

The debate of what makes a game truly terrifying is one that has been raging on for many years. Many gamers scoff at 'jumpscares' - things that suddenly pop up in games to...

Interview With Vick The Barber

We Rideshare

Battle of the Sexes (On the Roads)

There is a long-standing stereotype that women can't drive, both when it comes to archetypes and in statistic evidence. Is there actually any merit to that idea, though?


Crowdfunding Success - The Kickstarter Method

Crowdfunding is an interesting concept. It is the idea of letting people give money to projects that they personally want to see come to fruition, and it is not necessarily a...


The Journey of Twitter

A hopeful populace held their breath in 2012 as the polls were ready to determine who would be the next president of the United States. The name was read, a nation rejoiced and...


A Snapshot of Success

You want to know how Instagram got so successful? Sure! But first, let me take a selfie. We've all heard the song, the jokes and the word repeatedly used throughout everyday...