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Ashley Maniw

Writer & Editor

Location icon Canada

I’m a creative writer passionate about using the power of words to connect with people. Working in both corporate and artistic environments has honed my ability to adapt to any brand’s voice and objectives. Whatever it is you want to say, I can find a clear, concise, and inspired way to express it.


Film Reviews

Ashley Maniw - Writer
You're Wasting Your Life If You Haven't Watched Showgirls

Tonight is a big night for me because Ladies of Burlesque is presenting Showgirls on 35mm at The Royal. And since it's one of my favourite movies, I'm busting-at-the-seams excited to watch it in all its tacky, sparkly glory on the big screen. A lot of people have embraced the campiness that is Showgirls.

Redline International Film Festival
Gloria - Review

Redline International Film Festival is a leading international indie short film competition. We aim to be a hub for promoting independent short film makers from all around the world.

Redline International Film Festival
Dean McComb - Fighter - Review

Redline International Film Festival is a leading international indie short film competition. We aim to be a hub for promoting independent short film makers from all around the world.

Redline International Film Festival
Leap - Review

Redline International Film Festival is a leading international indie short film competition. We aim to be a hub for promoting independent short film makers from all around the world.

Ashley Maniw - Writer
Film Review - Black Christmas (1974): My favourite Christmas movie

Last Christmas, I got a copy of the ghost story The One Who Saw by A.M. Burrage. It's an edition published by The Haunted Bookshelf and in the opening pages, they talk about how telling ghost stories was a yuletide tradition in the Victorian era, but has since petered out.

Redline International Film Festival
Seher - Review

Redline International Film Festival is a leading international indie short film competition. We aim to be a hub for promoting independent short film makers from all around the world.

Ashley Maniw - Writer
Film Review - I, Tonya

People don't always know this about me, but I used to figure skate. I quit in university, so no one I've met since then knows that I skated. It's not really a part of my life anymore. But for a long time, it was a significant part of my identity.

Culture Articles & Personal Essays

Ashley Maniw - Writer
Vibe of the Month - May: The Love Witch

For over half a year, I've been posing what my "vibe of the month" is on Instagram and Twiiter. I started last August, when I was really excited for the Father John Misty concert I went to the following month.

Ashley Maniw - Writer
Toronto Scene - Queer Fear Presents Scream

Last Wednesday, I went to the The Royal for Queer Fear presents Scream. Not only was it the first time I got to see it on the big screen, it was screened on 35mm (omg) and was preceded by drag performances (omfg).

Ashley Maniw - Writer
I Like You A Lot: My Low-Key Lana Del Rey Obsession

When Lana del Rey's new single Love dropped, I stopped whatever I was doing (probably nothing) to listen to it. Where had I been? How was it that I didn't even know Lana was going to release a new single? How had I missed news about her new album when I'd been prepping for it for months?

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Blog Posts - SEO, Social Media and Marketing

Medical Healthcare Marketing
Tips on Converting Website Visitors to Patients

The main reason for starting an online healthcare marketing strategy is to attract patients from the wide audience pool that is the Internet. Getting visitors to your healthcare practice's website is one thing, but how can you convert those visitors into patients?

Medical Healthcare Marketing
How to Respond to Negative Reviews of Your Practice

Online reviews are part of the decision-making process for many patients. When patients are looking for a doctor or medical service nearby, they will look you up on review sites like Yelp, Healthgrades and Google+ and see what your current patients have to say to inform their decision.

Medical Healthcare Marketing
Top SEO Mistakes Anyone Can Make

Adding SEO click here optimized content to your medical or dental practice's website has a lot of advantages - mainly the opportunity to increase your ranking in search engines to reach a greater target audience and expand your patient and referral base.

Medical Healthcare Marketing
Top 4 Reasons Why You're Losing Followers

Have you noticed that the number of followers you have seems to be decreasing day by day? Before you start changing your healthcare marketing plan from top to bottom, make sure you're not engaging in these online habits that may increase your chance of losing followers: Did you know that there's such a thing as updating your social media pages too much?

Medical Healthcare Marketing
Keep Your Content On Schedule With These Tips

Being in charge of a healthcare office, whether it's a dental, medical, physical therapy or veterinary, is a full-time job. Having a healthcare marketing plan is essential to running your brand and expanding your practice, but with the daily concerns of running an office, your marketing strategies can sometimes take a back seat.

Medical Healthcare Marketing
How to Market Your Practice to Millennials

With the Affordable Care Act, many young people in the United States are able to stay on their parent's healthcare insurance until they turn 26. However, after that, many millennials are opting out of insurance coverage, healthcare included. It's obvious that even young people need to visit doctors and dentists to maintain their health.

10 Employee Engagement Ideas: Tips on how to inspire your employees

As of November 2013, only 16% of Canadian employees felt engaged in their jobs. To avoid a revolving door of employees due to dissatisfaction, we've put together some tips to connect with your staff and get them aligned with your organization's mission. Get creative Help your employees engage by encouraging creativity.

Edgy Tech
How SEO Will Change In 2017 - Edgy Tech

If you're working on expanding your brand or business online, you're probably already familiar with SEO tactics. For those who are uninitiated, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The purpose of this online marketing technique is to drive more traffic to your website by having your site rank high on organic search engine results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Edgy Tech
Get More Creative Mobile Pics With the Enlight App

We all know about the powers of social media. Besides connecting us to friends and family, sites like Instagram and Facebook can connect us to a new network; that's why both bloggers and eCommerce businesses alike have social media as part of their marketing services.

Edgy Tech
Is Your Website Mobile and SEO Optimized? - Edgy Tech

When it comes to marketing your business online, whether you're running a small business or a global corporation, it's important to stay on top of that latest SEO trends. By keeping your website SEO optimized, you can ensure that your business increases its online presence and is drawing in your target customers and clients.

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

See unique wedding gift ideas, spa packages, dinner packages, getaways, portraits, gift baskets and monogrammed linens at

DIY Wedding Activities

See DIY wedding activities like makeup, hair, wedding cakes, bouquets, wedding favours, centrepieces, invitations and music at

Workstation Buying Guide

See office workstations, l-shaped workstations, u-shaped workstations, corner workstations and sit-stand workstations at

Knitting Essentials

Learn more about knitting needles, yarn, crochet hooks, stitch markers, scissors, stitch holders and knitting gauges at

Men's Footwear Buying Guide

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Bra Buying Guide

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Blog Posts - Fashion

Style Choice
Help Your Teens Find Their Own Style With Texture - Style Choice

We're nearing the end of July, so it's time to face a tough fact - summer is almost over. And that means that it's almost time for kids to go back-to-school! Start getting ready to stock up on more school supplies and, most importantly, new clothes for the school year.

Style Choice
How to Wear Sneakers With Anything - Style Choice

The stiletto and high heel trend is finally abating when it comes to fashion. For the past few seasons, sneakers have been making a solid comeback in the footwear department and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

Style Choice
The Sneaker Boot: Your Fresh Winter Footwear Option

Unfortunately, boots are a necessary winter accessory if you live in Toronto. They keep are feet warm and dry when the temperature dips, but they can also be clunky and uncomfortable. No matter how hard you try and accessorize them, sometimes it's impossible to make winter boots look good.

Style Choice
How to Minimize Your Closet

After Christmas presents and Boxing Day sales, you've probably accumulated a lot of new items, and you might feel like your closet and drawers are getting overstuffed. Instead of waiting a few months for spring-cleaning, use the start of the New Year to do a wardrobe purge.

Where to Find Trendy Accessories

If you're looking for unique jewelry, you might want to give Obsessions Fashion Accessories a try. Established in 1990, they offer a wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats, bags, and fascinators in an assortment of colours, from striking pieces to more delicate options.

Blog Posts - Technology

Edgy Tech
Duo Gives Daft Punk's Helmets A Technological Upgrade - Edgy Tech

Does anyone really know what the members of Daft Punk look like? The electronic group has masked their identities with iconic robot helmets in concerts and promotional materials since the late 1990's. While the band has updated their helmets every few years, two fans have taken the design to the next level.

Edgy Tech
4 Organization Apps To Keep You On Track In 2017 - Edgy Tech

As the New Year approaches, we're all finding ways to be our best selves in 2017 from resolutions to new agendas to "new year, new me" plans. If you want to start your New Year on track, consider getting an organization app for your smartphone or tablet.

Edgy Tech
What to Know When Upgrading to a DSLR Camera

Digital SLR cameras, otherwise known as DSLR cameras, are popular among amateur photographers and professionals alike because of their ease of operation and the quality photographs they can provide. Even if you don't have professional photography experience or have never taken a photography course in your life, you can still use a DSLR camera to capture special, memorable moments on holidays and vacations.

Edgy Tech
Mirrorless Cameras Are The Best Choice For Amateur Photographers - Edgy Tech

If you're new to photography, you may not be familiar with the term "mirrorless camera". To better understand what makes a camera mirrorless, let's talk about how traditional cameras operate first. When you look through a viewfinder in a typical DSLR camera, light enters the lens, gets bounced of a mirror, and through a special prism.

Blog Posts - News Items

Parents Hope Marijuana Oil is Legalized to Treat Daughter

After a number of prescription drugs had no effect, Thornhill parents Alex and Reagan Repetski decided to try cannabidiol to treat their daughter's epilepsy. Also known as CDB, this substance is part of the marijuana plant that doesn't cause a high, but when mixed with oil can be an effective treatment for patients with severe epilepsy.

CLA Report: Women Leaving Criminal Law at High Rate

According to a new report from the Criminal Lawyer's Association (CLA), women are leaving the practice at an alarmingly high rate that exceeds the number of men leaving criminal law. "Low pay, lack of financial support for maternity leave, and being treated differently than male peers by judges and court staff" were listed in the study as some of the reasons that women choose to leave the profession.

Blog Posts - Food and Health

Flavour Curator
4 Cooking Shows To Binge Watch New Year's Day - Flavour Curator

After all the holiday parties, it's nice to take a break and do nothing to ring in the New Year. We've all had enough of hosting, cooking, and cocktail shaking I'm sure. So, if you're like me, you want to spend the last day of your holiday doing absolutely nothing but catching up on TV shows.

Flavour Curator
Your Guide To Going Gluten-Free - Flavour Curator

Going gluten-free can be a huge lifestyle change, especially since most of us have consumed gluten and wheat for most of our lives. Regardless of whether you're doing it for health or diet reasons, there can be a huge learning curve for gluten-free beginners because gluten isn't just restricted to wheat and flour; it can often hide in a number of everyday products.

Flavour Curator
8 Campfire Recipes to Try this Summer

Camping is a summer activity that requires a limited amount of resources - you just can't take everything with you when you're out in the wilderness. Camping traditionally relied on canned soups, stews, and beans for meals, but with the rise of camping equipment and creative food bloggers, there are a ton of different delicious recipes that you can make over an open fire.

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