Amanda Steele

Freelance Writer

Amanda is a writer, editor, and creator currently living in NYC where she works as a freelance writer. She has a degree in creative writing and gender studies and is a professional writer and a poet/storyteller.

Amanda works with various clients producing and creating a variety of content across different industries, and she currently blogs for Culturess, Bolde, and peculiar. She has also been published in multiple journals for both creative writing and academic writing. She loves poetry, TV, killer whales, activism, fandom, Captain America, and leather jackets.

United States of America


Ghostwriting (Content and Copy)


7 Steps To a Home Nutrition Business

A ghostwriting sample for Blendfresh.

Wallaroo Media

Luxury Travel New Zealand

A ghostwritten sample for Luxe Travel Marketing.

Hines Little Smiles

Why See a Pediatric Dentist in Columbus OH | Hines Little Smiles

A ghostwriting sample for a pediatric dentist.


How to Optimize Your Website with Website Audits

A ghostwriting piece written for ObservePoint.

Las Vegas CyberKnife

CyberKnife: No Gating or Breath Holding - Radiation Therapy

A ghostwriting sample for CyberKnife.

Blogs and Articles

peculiar journal blog

10 Queer Poets of Color You Should Know About

by Amanda Steele Finding a new poet whose words ignite and inspire your own writing is a joy we as poets share. There are many contemporary poets out there who are creating...


Shuri from Black Panther is getting her own comic book series

While the fate of Shuri in the MCU is still unclear, everyone's favorite Wakandan genius is going strong in the Marvel comics. In an exclusive release, Bustle announced that...

peculiar journal blog

Together We Will Rise: A Personal Narrative on the Park City Women's March

by Amanda Steele I woke up that morning at 6 a.m. Pulled on boots, layers of pants, scarves, gloves, and looked out the window to inches of fresh snow. A quick search online let...

Creative and Academic Writing

"peculair" and "inspired"

A Selection of My Published Poetry

Images of a selection of some of my published poetry.