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I'm a driven creative writer with interests all over the board. I started my own publishing company, Reina Reads Publications Inc., in order to begin publishing my whimsical children's books and future fiction novels. I also write daily trending news articles for a legal magazine, The Legal Advocate. You can count on my reader-friendly articles for current event updates and legal assistance! I've done freelance editing, proofreading and ghost writing as well. I love to stretch my skills by creating atypical content and working to perfect it with every paragraph, every sentence, every word.


Opinion Pieces

10 Reasons To Stay Confident, English Major

When society tells us to pursue a field that makes us money, it's not always easy to remain confident in our decision to pursue a field that makes us happy. Here are 10 reasons why all English majors should remain confident and proud of their decision to pursue a degree in humanities.

10 Ways to Inspire Children to Read More

Show interest in your child's reading. Let them read to you. Again, this will make them feel in control and show them that you're proud of them for what they're doing. Children love please their parents. Showing them they're doing just that by reading is enough itself to inspire them to keep on going.

Feature Stories

Man wins millions after injured in bike vs pothole accident

This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their 'Personally Identifiable Information' (PII) is being used online. PII, as described in US privacy law and information security, is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.

Children's Books

Reina Reads Publications Inc.
Runaway Reina

A children's book I wrote, edited and published.

Trending Legal Entertainment News

Getting drunk at a bar in Alaska? Be prepared to walk out in handcuffs!

What happens when you're on vacation, trying to let loose and take a few shots of your favorite whiskey before heading to the local bars? In Alaska, you're guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Alaska law prohibits a drunken person from entering or remaining in a bar, restaurant, or any other place with a liquor license.

Personal Essays

Shoreham Wading River: A Family Brought Together In Tragedy

A community grieves the loss of freshman Nickolas Donnelly, another life lost far too young. Although we cannot all be together forever, we're all together in spirit. Shoreham Wading River. One community. One family. We pray for the lives that we've lost, and stay thankful for the memories with which they left us.

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