Katrina Almeida


Location icon United Kingdom

After graduating secondary school, the artist formerly known as Kat swore never to read or write another poem again that was a pile of Romantic nonsense (or used more metaphors than a painter uses arctic white). Years down the line, having swapped out Kat for the more lengthy "Katrina", she was assigned to write a poem as part of her creative writing minor, feeling it was merely a task to write a good 40 lines of prettily-fragmented drabble, and hackneyed turn-of-phrases. Instead, she found herself painting, weaving tapestries with her words, letting her creative vision out on the page that emotions and complete sentences could only go so far to describe; and that all the Romantic nonsense she'd learnt at school was... still nonsense.

Katrina's strengths lie in poetry about the visual world around her, anything from the vast infinity of the universe, to the fine whiskers of her pet cat. Preferring technique over style, she enjoys experimenting with aural sounds and unique metaphors to provide the reader with a linguistical experience. Aside from poetry, she enjoys short stories, photography, and the companionship of her two cats.


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