Allison Lamm

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Hello! My name is Ally. I am a recent graduate of The Ohio State University and a Disney College Program Alumni. I have two Bachelor degrees: Psychology and Korean. I decided to study Psychology because I enjoyed my AP Psych class in high school, and to be honest, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew Psychology was a field that could be applied to any job I would pursue later in life, so it seemed like it would benefit me later without trapping me into one specific field--I wanted that sense of flexibility and opportunity to explore different careers and industries. During my time at Ohio State I fell in love (or down the rabbit hole) with K-pop. I fell in love with the amazing stage performances, the over the top choreography and production behind the music videos, and most importantly I found myself able to connect and relate to people who not only had very different life experiences than me but with people who did not even speak the same language as me. Because of my love for K-pop (which later turned into a love of Korean Culture) I became involved on campus in many Asian Interest organizations and clubs, including Omega Tau Zeta, of which I am now the National Board President.
As I learned more about K-pop, the psychology major and enthusiast in me began to question how it was able to appeal to so many people, and how and why we are drawn to certain forms of entertainment. This is my new passion and drive: Understanding the psychology and inner workings of entertainment in all forms, and how to improve the consumer experience. My studies in Psychology and Korean have helped prepare me for the real world experience I hope to achieve through a career that focuses on this newfound cause. Through my diverse experiences in college I have become versed in social media, budgeting, communication, Microsoft Office, Adobe Products, photography and videography, and improved critical thinking strategies. I am currently seeking to improve and add to this list of growing abilities and hope you'll join me on my journey.

Ohio State Bowling October Newsletter

October 28th-29th: What a weekend for Buckeye Nation! While some of our bowlers had the awesome opportunity to see the OSU vs Penn State game in person, some of our other bowlers were up in Canton, MI competing in the AHIBC 1&2 tournaments! These tournaments are 2 one day tournaments.