Allison Meldrum

Content and Copy Writer, Story Teller and Former Journalist

United Kingdom

My name is Allison Meldrum and I really love making magic with words. Having worked with chief executives, artists, lawyers, TV programme makers, restauranteurs and many others, I create written copy which makes your voice, story or brand sparkle. With experience in advertorial, web content, internal communications, speech writing, awards submissions and content marketing, I can turn your thoughts in to content that shines.

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The Scotsman Newspaper
Some important questions to 'ask your pharmacist' - Philip Galt

This week, thousands of pharmacists across the country are using Ask Your Pharmacist Week to encourage patients to have open and honest discussions about using their medicines safely and effectively. New research shows that many people underestimate the risks of taking medicines inappropriately.

5 unexpected ways running makes parenting easier - BritMums

Running. It's not for everyone, right? Trust me, I'm speaking from experience. My teenage self would bolt at the thought of me ever listing this as a hobby, never mind a passion. But parenting does strange things to us all doesn't it? After falling in to it, accidentally, when signing up for my first Edinburgh...

Services - Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy

The arrival of flu season is always the best time to speak to your local pharmacy about a private vaccination to protect you and your family from the potentially serious side effects of the virus.

Reza Restoration - Stonework and masonry restoration specialists

Dr Humayun Reza, Founder of Reza Restoration, has worked in the field of historical building restoration for over 20 years. He holds a PhD in the highly specialised area of cleaning and restoring of old masonry buildings and has multiple published works covering various topics in this area.