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Welcome! My name is Allison and I am a rising junior at Brown University. I am currently an audience intern at The Atlanta Journal Constitution and an editor of the most-read-by-students online publication at Brown. If you are interested in seeing more of my work, please be in touch!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution
A league of their own: Dating app caters to elite college grads

An adult recently asked me why so many of my peers are on dating apps. “In college, you’re surrounded by other people your age,” she began. “Why meet people on Tinder when there’s all these guys in real life?”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Milestones no longer primary factor for moving up a grade in Cobb

Beginning in the fall , the Georgia Milestones test won't solely determine whether Cobb County students advance to the next grade level. The standardized test results will be just one of the components considered. The Cobb County school board decided to put less emphasis on the statewide test in a unanimous vote last week.

The Blognonian
Trevor Noah

Back in March 2015, I was devastated to learn Jon Stewart wouldn't be returning to The Daily Show . His snarky attitude, pressed suits, and biting wit were the background to my high school experience. I couldn't have gotten through midterm elections and pop culture shenanigans without him.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Try soup dumplings the size of your face at this Chamblee restaurant

DISH OF THE WEEK: Monster Soup Dumpling at China Kitchen By Allison Gordon If you are into super-sized food, the Monster Soup Dumpling at China Kitchen is calling your name. Equivalent in size to six regular dumplings, this one takes up the whole bowl, so much so that it hides the savory broth underneath that you'll have fun slurping...

The Blognonian
The 5 Unexpectedly Hardest Goodbyes - The Blognonian

This week, I was reminded how awkward the end of the year can be. "I hate saying goodbye. I can't get properly emotional," one of my best friends explained yesterday. She hugged me briefly, promised we would text, and walked away. I'm the opposite. I need those strung-out endings, the hard and clear goodbyes.

The Blognonian
Antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ vandalism found in Marcy House - The Blognonian

Students in Marcy House, an undergraduate residence on Wriston quad, found "threatening graffiti written on the walls, hallways, and bathrooms" last night, according to an email from Campus Life officials sent out on March 18. Marcy House is home to both Zeta Delta Xi, a co-ed and LGBTQ+ fraternity, and Beta Rho Pi, a largely Jewish fraternity formerly known as AEPi.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Eat up this magical unicorn bagel

Dish of the Week: Rainbow bagel at BB's Bagel's By Allison Gordon As a devotee of various foodstagrams, I recognized a certain colorful trend on my feed: the rainbow bagel. Millennials like me are obsessed with these cartoonish baked goods, and I had to wonder, do these treats taste as good as they look?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Social media reacts to death of Morehouse president

On Thursday, news of the death of Morehouse College's interim president, Bill Taggart, rocked the Atlanta community. Officials have confirmed that Taggart, 55, died of an aneurysm. In addition to the outpouring of grief across the Morehouse campus, social media buzzed with condolences for the Taggart family.

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