Alissa Rosen

It's not just you: A new survey confirms meetings are putting people to sleep

Hilton expanded their Meet with Purpose program, providing meeting and event professionals with nutritious menu options and activity breaks, this past September. The program was initially launched in 2015, and the coverage I secured with Quartz on the expanded program exceeded the total unique media impressions for the launch of Meet with Purpose 1.0 (4.5 Million Unique Visitors Per Month). This Quartz piece alone was 16,341,000 UVM, and the outlet Quartz also shared the article on their...

Yes, pasta is already easy to cook - we're talking about the extra dishes

To boost coverage around Barilla’s Pronto Pasta products and showcase its unique no boil and no drain benefits, I booked 10 media deskside opportunities in NYC for Chef Lorenzo Boni, Barilla’ s Chef Manager of North America. SheKnows was one of the media meetings I booked, and resulted in a placement that accounted for nearly 50% of our team’s impression benchmarks for deskside outreach. SheKnows has 11,517,583 Unique Visitors Per Month.

Kevin Love Weighs in on the NBA's Mouthguard-Chewing Epidemic

Shock Doctor, the leading mouthguard manufacturer, has made it one of their missions to make mouthguards mandatory in youth sports. To help bring awareness to this issue and share their message on a national scale, I worked with top-tier media to secure phone interviews with their lead spokesperson Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This GQ article (11,504,966 Unique Visitors Per Month) was one of several pieces of coverage secured and also resulted in numerous social shared on our media...

USA Today
Heavy lunch, less work

Hilton expanded their Meet with Purpose program, providing meeting and event professionals with nutritious menu options and activity breaks, this past September. To bring this new program expansion beyond the Meetings & Events space, I utilized survey data Hilton had conducted on meeting attendee satisfaction to intrigue the USA Today Snapshot editor and appeal to their audience of readers. This data drive approach resulted in not only a print feature in USA Today’s Sunday edition (syndicated...

Fox News
Families living with Alzheimer's learn patience trumps tradition during holidays

To help build awareness around Alzheimer’s Disease this holiday season, I worked with the Alzheimer’s Association to bring a family’s personal story to the surface. Ken Johnson had been diagnosed with the devastating disease, and he and his wife Barb have had to adapt their holiday traditions to create a comfortable environment to still celebrate this time of year with their family. I coordinated interviews with Fox News Health, Ken and Barb Johnson, as well as Monica Moreno from the...

The Daily Meal
Olive Garden Wants to Cater Your Next Party

Our Olive Garden client was keen on getting their latest news around their new National Catering Delivery Offering and Piadina Menu Item covered nationally. To help bring the news to a broader audience, I knew I had to get creative in the way it was shared with media. This piece of coverage from The Daily Meal was exactly what our client was looking for, and the publication used the subject line of my pitch to title the piece. The Daily Meal has 1,157,152 Unique Visitors Per Month.

You Can Feast On Pop-Tart Tacos, Burritos, And Even Birthday Cake Pizza At The New Pop-Tarts Cafe

Just last month I helped our Kellogg’s client invite media to the Pop-Tarts will be entirely taking over the grand opening of their Pop-Tarts Café. For just one week, Pop-Tarts took over Kellogg’s NYC Café in Time Square and introduced an entire Pop-Tarts menu from milkshakes to share plates. Inviting media to try out the menu proved to be an overwhelming success, and an example of the coverage I helped coordinate was the secured piece with UPROXX. UPROXX has 10,164,474 Unique Visitors Per...