Alison Cassity


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Alison Cassity is a Chicago-based writer with experience in both marketing and journalism. She specializes in copywriting and journalism.



Cancer Wellness
Microhearts, Huge Impact

Better cancer treatment options mean higher survival rates, but long-term survivors risk cardiovascular disease later in life. At InvivoSciences, Ayla Annac is growing microhearts to help better understand the cardiovascular risks of cancer treatment.

Cancer Wellness
The Miracle of Mistletoe

Naturopathic healers have used European mistletoe to shrink tumors and treat cancer for years. Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins are putting this plant to the test.

Cancer Wellness
Beauty & the Beast: Talc

As the demand for clean beauty products grows, researchers are questioning the safety of talc.

Cancer Wellness
The Hemp Revival

Industrial hemp provides an all-natural, chemical-free alternative to countless materials. Could it help build a more cancer-free future?


Vogelzang Law
Litigation Workbook

Workbook and guideline for clients of Vogelzang Law guiding them through the legal process.