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Recent BA college graduate seeks entry level job. I'm a voracious news reader and aim to use my writing skills in a variety of mediums.

Student gets verbal about youth addiction to their mobile devices

BY ALINA TSUI | Could our obsession with mobile devices be detrimental to our youngsters? Teresa Collins, an eighth grader at Chinatown's Transfiguration School, is convinced that it is - and she's making a persuasive argument. Collins is the winner of the Regional Speech Bee, which included more than 2,500 students from 25 Catholic schools, which qualifies her for the National Speech Bee.

East Village 'Spartan' will join 300 in the 'ultimate challenge'

BY ALINA TSUI | Being a New Yorker means being able to handle everything that this crazy city throws at us, right? Well, for one New Yorker, that's not enough of a challenge - not by far. East Villager Brian Hennessy will be pushing himself to the limit in the Spartan Death Race.