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I crawl inside characters, discover their hearts' desires, and give them a chance to take action. And consumers are real characters. That's why I approach all writing as storytelling and all characters as people. The result is content that moves market share, and stories that move readers. Take a look at some of my longer form work.


Pet health articles

There's Loads to Love About Poop

We all hate the smell and the mess of fecals but they're chock full of important health information. It's no wonder the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) recommends fecal testing twice a year for adult dogs. Use the following tips and resources to get your clients to say yes to testing.

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Fiction and creative nonfiction

Navigating the Happiness Blues

Happiness has become the credo of the over-connected masses everywhere. Cries for people to clap along and choose happiness are inescapable. Yet in our market-driven culture, happiness seems to be in short supply. Whether we decide to tune out the din, listen up or sing along, here are some things to consider about happiness.

Essay: Creating a Life

Alice Ruvane '86 is a promotional and education writer and serves on the Editorial Board of The Lyon Review. This is her first published personal essay. Alice's other works can be found online and in a yellowing copy of the New York Times Magazine (letter to the Editor and, Truth & Justice.)

The Ticket by Alice Ruvane

I didn’t tell my boy where we were headed the morning I threw his duffle bag in the way back and drove him to rehab. I lied. I waved the plane ticket I’d bought to Canada in front of his dazed eyes, “Maybe your father can straighten you out.” I’d had enough. Even if my boy hadn’t reached his “bottom,” I’d sure reached mine.

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