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A responsible, enthusiastic and assertive journalism undergraduate seeking an opportunity to further develop the range of multi-media and professional skills I have gathered in my studies, my personal blog and through work with The York Press, Her Campus Leeds,,, What Culture? and HeadingOut magazine

After studying an online journalism module at university I wanted to continue developing my html skills whilst publishing my writing and investigative journalism. Therefore I started my own blog, Lefty Literary Hack, where I write about politics, immigration, feminism, blogging, cosmetics, music and fashion. A post which has been well-received, ‘BBC spent over £199,000 last year on licensing letters to halls of residence’, was based on a Freedom of Information request I made.

“A potential asset to any newsroom…extremely enthusiastic, very good writing, eloquently spoken. Alice settled in almost immediately and her positive and bubbly personality saw her integrate easily with the team.” Jennifer Bell, senior crime reporter at The York Press.

Lefty Literary Hack
Leeds politic and its best bloggers

"The political landscape in Leeds is as fickle as Nick Clegg after an election. The three main parties bump shoulders across the districts; left and right face-off in the east, coalition partners knock elbows to the west and the left occupy the city centre."

Lefty Literary Hack
FAQ: Avian Flu

"What is avian flu? Avian flu is caused by a virus which is similar to the types that affect humans. The symptoms are very similar to regular influenza viruses."

Lefty Literary Hack
Anxiety drug hope for addicts

"According to a 2010 study there are 1.6 million alcoholics in England alone. Alcohol-related illnesses cost the NHS on average £2.7 billion pounds every year."

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