Alice Crick

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United Kingdom

I'm a dedicated copywriter, editor and content strategist with a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature from Royal Holloway, University of London and four years' experience working in a fast-paced B2B consultancy environment.


Cloud Technology

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
Sustainability in E-Commerce: How to Reduce Product Returns

It's no secret that the retail and e-commerce sectors are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. In this article, we reveal how you can leverage data to adopt more sustainable practices surrounding shipping and returns.

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
Three's a Cloud: Why Migrate Your Oracle Database to GCP?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Oracle. Despite once being the default software provider for businesses, many organisations are now seeking to migrate their data to one of the leading cloud providers (such as Google Cloud) to enable advanced technical capabilities and agility.

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
The Top 3 Retail Digital Transformation Trends in 2021

It's hard to ignore the dramatic shift that's taken place in retail in the past 18 months, with over 35% of UK retail sales now happening online. This trend has forced many retailers to adapt on the fly and innovate to compete.

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
Safe Future: Google Cloud Security Principles You Need to Know

When determining the right cloud provider for your organisation, security is often one of the biggest considerations (and rightly so). In this article, we outline the key cloud security principles that make Google a serious contender for digital native organisations looking to scale fast, securely.

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
3 Ways Appsbroker Is Harnessing Retail Analytics to Drive Revenue for Customers

The retail sector is renowned for being hyper-competitive; and yet, the majority of retailers only analyse a small portion of retail analytics to glean actionable insights. Read on to discover how we're helping retailers optimise operational processes, make more accurate predictions, and drive revenue on Google Cloud.

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
3 Reasons to Consider Google Anthos for Your Multicloud Environment

Many organisations have a critical need to modernise their IT applications and infrastructure to deliver a standout customer experience, remain competitive, and release features faster. Discover how Anthos fosters a cloud native mindset in developer teams to unlock new business capabilities, plus how we can enable your digital transformation.

Head in the Clouds - Appsbroker
Google Cloud vs AWS: Key Differentiators You Need to Know

When undertaking any kind of digital transformation, determining the right cloud provider to facilitate your business' journey can become a sticking point fast. Don't let fear of the unknown delay you from unlocking the benefits of the cloud - read on.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Unipart Logistics
Five Ways Blockchain Can Unblock Your Supply Chain

Futurist Don Tapscott said blockchain will allow companies to revolutionise their business models, but how can the technology unblock your supply chain? The conversation around data sharing can be a particular challenge for enterprises because of issues such as cost, information security, implementation, data standards, and relationship management.

Unipart Logistics
Overcoming the Barriers to Adopting Key Future Supply Chain Technology

From big data to AI, the future of supply chain technology is already here. What barriers to emerging technology are preventing companies from adopting it and how can they be overcome? The use of IT systems has become all pervasive within the supply chain arena.