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Al-Bustan Honored with TAKREEM Award

It's an exciting week to be celebrating exceptional Arab success stories! Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture is humbled to be among Arab individuals and organizations who were recognized at the 2017 TAKREEM Awards Ceremony in Amman, Jordan.

Celebrating Arab Arts & Culture at Ahlan 2017

"Diverse, dynamic, colorful & most welcoming" On the warm afternoon of September 23, 2017, we were delighted with the presence of many wonderful guests at our greatly anticipated 3rd Annual Ahlan Open House. As the event's title means "welcome" in Arabic, we were able to do exactly that as guests enjoyed a variety of cultural activities ranging from dance, singing, and percussion to henna art and poetry.

Tracing Roots of (DIS)PLACEment in Philadelphia

The term "melting pot" has itself melted into a vaguely generic notion of people arriving from different places to a location where they all coexist, when the reality is that the term is misleading because, oftentimes, there is an institutional and societal hierarchy still embedded within.

Positioning Arab American Identities Within the Nonprofit Sector

This fall season has and continues to offer me valuable experiences. Joining Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture as a NNAAC Transformative Leaders Fellow in early September and learning how matters operate behind-the-scenes of community events and educational sessions that Al-Bustan hosts has truly amplified my appreciation for the nonprofit sector.

Why It Matters to Make Refugees Feel Welcome in Philadelphia

It's easy to take things for granted. A few months ago, I was stressing out about writing my college thesis, not having "enough" clothes, and having to adjust my budget to spend less on luxuries like my daily latte. It's not that I consider my lifestyle extravagant to begin with, but -truth be told- there...

An Overdue Appreciation for Arabic Musical Heritage

Love it or hate it, pop music has a way of highlighting the trends and themes of the era in which they are produced in, a characteristic which can take us back to unexpected trips down memory lane. Such is the case with me, a person who 1) seldom listens to Arabic music and 2)...

Arab America
Man Ana? Facing Assumptions About Being Arab and American

posted on: Sep 7, 2016 BY: Bushra Alfaraj/Ambassador Blogger "Do you like hookah?" This is a question I am often asked the minute a fellow Millennial meets me for the first time. Perhaps my headscarf is a dead giveaway of my being a Muslim or from the Arab world where, smoking hookah is a pastime enjoyed by many people across the region.

#iSingArabic: A breeze with Hanna Khoury

"Yaa hawa, yaa hawa, yalli tayer bil hawa..." The voices of over a hundred students chant the Fairuz hit through a horizontal classroom, their vocals fundamentally in harmony before they are crocheted into total synchronization by Music Director Hanna Khoury. It is a matter of a few minutes before Khoury's feedback converts from guidelines to...

CNN iReport
More to Islam than meets the eye

Life is bizarre. It is constantly pushing us to the ground and knocking our teeth in. Yet there is something unsettling about a life where everything goes smoothly with little to no tribulations, considering that such a life even exits to begin with. In a world designed to crush souls, Islam is what keeps my sanity intact.

Gulf News's Weekend Review
Real Richard III awaits redemption

Shakespeare fans stay tuned as experts conduct tests to ascertain whether the human remains unearthed in Leicester are of the king


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