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Hello, I’m Alexander, a personal finance content writer, and blogger. I have been blogging for more than two years on my website, I’m also an experienced content writer, having written for various blogs in the personal finance niche. You can see some of the content I’ve written for other blogs below.


Personal Finance

New Startups | Take Your Start Up To The Next Level
How To Turn Your Food Business Into a Profitable Success | New Startups

The food business is one of the most common types of vocations out there. There are so many different restaurants, bars, and cafes. Go into any city, and you will see all kinds of food trucks, food stands, and catering places everywhere. Food can literally become a gold mine.

Business and Life Tips
How to use your Side Hustles to easily pay your Debt

To pay the bills that are out of reach for an ordinary 9-5 job salary, having a side hustle can provide the perfect income boost to meet the needs of your finances. Side hustles on the internet have evolved into a gig economy of people working multiple jobs to make more money on the side of their fulltime work.

4 Reasons Warren Buffett’s American Express Investment Was Genius

Warren Buffett is one of the most famous and richest investors of all time. He has amassed a fortune of over $80 billion and has held the position of the third richest person on the planet. In 1964, Buffett invested in the financial services company American Express. The Oracle of Omaha’s purchase of this company would forever change his views on investing.

The Smart Investor
Why Budgeting Isn't Enough to Build Wealth? | The Smart Investor

I still find people focusing on budgeting instead of pursuing what really will: passion, education, and work ethic. The budget mindset will get you nowhere, and I will prove it by explaining exactly how budgeting isn't enough to build wealth.

Spring Break 2020 on a Budget

As the weather starts getting warmer, the one thing that is on the minds of all college students is spring break. This one week is when they finally get to relax and take some time off from their studies. But being in college also means that the average student probably has little to no money.

Digital Marketing & Blogging

Simple Programmer
10 Proven Time Management Tips To Learn C++ Faster - Simple Programmer

C++ is one of the most advanced coding languages out there. For beginners, learning it can seem like a daunting task. It forces thinking and complex problem-solving. It makes you use all of your coding skills at once. It's no understatement to say that to learn C++ is like attempting physics for the first time.

Simple Programmer
How To Never Run Out of Topics for Your Programming Blog - Simple Programmer

As your programming blog starts to grow, you might reach a point where ideas for content begin to dry up. That can happen when you've been blogging for awhile. It can also occur at the moment you start your blog. It's usually a result of picking a niche that's too specific and hard to think of content for.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being a New Blogger

The blogging world is full of big and small bloggers alike. For the most part, big bloggers and small bloggers experience two very different realities. Big bloggers have the luxury of publishing short and sweet content that ranks without a problem.