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Alexandra Huetter

SEO Copywriter / Travel Blogger

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Copywriter/translator, daydreamer, citizen of the world and language aficionado. Curious to learn about anything and everything. Loves discovering new places as a digital nomad. Check out my travel and lifestyle blog for travel inspiration!

I'm happy to help with articles, listicles, blog posts, translations etc. - in English and German - Get in touch with me about anything content-related: [email protected] or visit my website for more information!



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Biking through Chile's Atacama Desert

When people talk about Chile as a destination, you almost always hear names like Patagonia, the capital Santiago de Chile, its street-art hub Valparaíso and Chile's volcano and lake region. I don't blame anyone, because these are beautiful and spectacular places, but lately, I have a new favorite region in this narrow strip of land spread across the South American continent: The Atacama Desert.

Living in Small Space? 10 Decorating and Lifestyle Tips

Have you ever felt like your home, or *ahem* the state of your home, isn't aligning with your personal goals? It might feel cramped, especially in a world of overstimulation, decision fatigue, and too much of everything.

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How Traveling Made me a Minimalist - No Sidebar

About five years ago I was sitting in my tiny studio apartment in the center of Amsterdam, working as a freelance writer, thinking about how I needed a change. It was rainy, grey and cold, and I was about six months away from decent terrace-sitting or picnicking-in-a-park weather.

Your World Traveller | My Destinesia
Five everyday things to help the environment | Your World Traveller | My Destinesia

We've spent the last few days in Queensland with Lac's mum and have been enjoying warm tropical weather and many, many home-cooked meals. ​ What we've also been enjoying are our new takeaway coffee cups made of glass, which were waiting for us as a little welcome present. So good.

Try something new once in a while - Alexandra Huetter - Medium

Just like last year we've spent some weeks in Coolum Beach in Queensland at the start of the year and enjoyed some easy living up there. The beach is right at our doorstep, the weather is always very inviting. We've had a few raindrops here and there but hey, it was close to winter after all..

Borrelen: The Dutch art of going for a drink with co-workers - DutchReview

Work hard, play hard. This perfectly describes the work ethics of professionals in the Netherlands. There are hardly any public holidays during the year, the work week typically has 40 long hours and working overtime is more of a norm than the exception. Then there's Borrelen... People are dedicated.

5 things I miss about life in Amsterdam - DutchReview

With King's Day last month I couldn't help but get a little bit melancholic about not living in Amsterdam anymore. I moved away with my boyfriend in 2016 after spending 9 years in the Dutch capital and I have to admit that I really miss a couple of things about life in Amsterdam.

Blue mind - Alexandra Huetter - Medium

When I scrolled through my news feed on Instagram this morning I stopped for a few seconds to look at a bird's eye picture of a beautiful beach...

New Year - New You - Alexandra Huetter - Medium

When the year is only a few days old, it feels like there's a ton of hope around and an incredible amount of opportunity in the air. Life feels like a blank canvas again, ready for you to give it...

Winter in Amsterdam is totally underrated - DutchReview

Are you tired of always having to wait 6-9 months to finally enjoy some fun times in Amsterdam? We hear you! Summer is definitely too short and doesn't come around often enough, but we shouldn't put all of our eggs in one basket, right?

Why are we so addicted to being busy? - Alexandra Huetter - Medium

I was reading an interesting article not too long ago about the importance of making space within our busyness to re-focus. I was immediately drawn to it and read it a couple of times. Not because I am particularly busy and stressed but because there is a trend to almost glorify our busyness.

5 things to enjoy during autumn in Amsterdam - DutchReview

All right, summer is officially over. No more endless terrace sessions at your favourite bar and/or sunbathing in Vondelpark (during those 72-hours of summer) with your friends. Summer in Amsterdam is a very special time, no doubt about it.

Sharing economy of Amsterdam: Dutch capital makes it work - DutchReview

We all know Uber and Airbnb, but Amsterdam has definitely upped the ante when it comes to sharing and collaborating to create a friendly, sustainable city. New sharing apps and digital platforms are popping up left and right, all designed to encourage Amsterdammers to take part in an economy that thrives on cooperation.

Hey Dutchies, what's up with the three kisses? - DutchReview

Ah, who doesn't like kissing? It's romantic, it's intimate, it's passionate, it's... awkward?! Yes, it can be weird, especially when you're introduced to someone you don't know and they come towards you at full force. Panic sets in and you can't escape as their face draws nearer and nearer.

5 of the most haunted places in Amsterdam - DutchReview

As the days are getting shorter everyone enjoys spending more time at home bundled up on their snug sofa...but don't get too comfortable because we are going on an entirely different journey today.

5 urban beaches in Amsterdam that give you that holiday feeling - DutchReview

Summer is here. Finally. The days are longer and we spend as much time as possible outside soaking up those much longed for sunrays. Summer equals freedom and nothing compares to that feeling of sun in your face, wind in your hair, the smell of salty water and your feet buried in hot sand...

Daily struggles of a freelancer (in the Netherlands) - DutchReview

Ah freelancing. FREE-lancing. Already sounds so relaxing, right? While there is usually the perk of not having to get up in the uncomfortable hours of the morning to make your way to work with everyone else, there are also lots of myths surrounding this way of working.

Your essentials for King's Day - DutchReview

King's Day (Koningsdag) is held on the 27 th of April, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. It is known to be one of the biggest and most colorful festivities across the country and especially so in Amsterdam. The population almost doubles during that day. CRAZY!

Bubble Football - DutchReview

Great news! There's a fantastic new pastime from Denmark for all you fun loving Dutchies called Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer and it can be tried in every corner of the Netherlands.

Why February sucks (in the Netherlands) - DutchReview

Ok, let's be honest here. You are probably sitting at your desk right now daydreaming about the beach. You can feel the sand between your toes while warm sunrays gently stroke your skin. Your hair is wet and salty and the only thing you are worried about is what you will pick for dinner later.

Take a staycation and get to know your city

Time flies and once you are back, it feels like you need a vacation from your vacation. BUT there is one problem. You don’t have any holidays left...



“Oh, sorry.” The woman smiled at her and walked on. “Yes…whatever,” she murmured tasting the sweet sickening scent of a perfume in her mouth...

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One more drag. Then she would put her cigarette out and go to bed. She started smiling by the evil thought of...

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