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Alex Caldwell

Writer, Editor

Location icon United States

Looking for a thrilling short story? An interesting essay? A moving poem? Examples of thorough copyediting? Look no further.

My name is Alex Caldwell, and I'm a writer and editor. With a degree from the University of Kentucky in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, I've practiced and learned a writing skill set that is perfect for the field.


Short Stories

My Father's Library

A horror story about a boy whose father finds an old book and secludes himself in his library.

Time in a Bottle

A short story about a man's attempt to save his dying wife.



In the Waking World

An essay on what it means to be alive, and the almost mystical nature of reality.

The Wadis

An essay that I wrote on some personal troubles I faced as a child, and how they affect me as an adult.


What Lies Ahead

A poem that goes on a strange trip that leads the narrator to a better understanding of life.