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Your car's hidden 'black box' and how to keep it private

Most commercial airplanes have an indestructible flight recorder, also called a "black box" - even though the casing is actually bright orange. Actually, there are two of them: One records information from the flight computers, and the second box records cockpit audio and other sounds inside the plane.

Best credit cards for your holiday shopping |

With all the hacks and data leaks over the past year, many readers have asked me whether there's any security difference between using debit or credit cards for holiday shopping. Not all plastic is created equal when it comes to safeguarding your accounts and your holiday purchases.

Jackalope Ranch
Five Life Lessons Learned from Phoenix Comicon 2012

From scantily clad anime babes to wiry Boba Fetts, geeks from all over the Valley flocked to Phoenix Comicon to celebrate both the 35th anniversary of Star Wars and the nearly religious monument to pop culture that brought them to downtown Phoenix.

Jackalope Ranch
Vampire History: Four Degrees to Twilight

Twilight, otherwise known as the reason paranormal romance takes up half the bookstore, is the spark that reignited fangers back into the public eye. The book's main character, Edward is an odd vampire. Rather than facing an inward battle between his animalistic need to suck blood and his rapidly-receding humanity, he's a really attractive guy with a lot to offer.