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Alexandra studied International Affairs at Miami University before attaining an MA in European History from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. From working in the dark underground vaults of Edinburgh to spelunking the deep Goblin Ha' of Yester Castle and exploring abandoned plantations in South Carolina, Alexandra loves to get her hands dirty in the pursuit of a great story or a unique experience.

In 2013 she published 'The Insider's Guide to Edinburgh', and has also written for Viator, BBC History, Le Souk, and The Subculture Collective. She is currently conducting research for her next book, an exploration of the Comte de St. Germain. Alexandra has previously worked at the Niddry Street Vaults in Scotland, Schloss Bröllin in Germany, and the Old Exchange Museum in the USA.



Outdoor Activities in Killarney

Killarney may be a small town in itself, but it boasts a plethora of activities to cater to any visitor. The center of town is impeccably clean, with colorful homes and rustic lining cobbled streets where friendly locals are always willing to help you find you find your way.

Dining and Drinking in Leith

20 years ago, Leith was not a destination that came to mind when one considered fine dining or drinking destinations. Remember the filthy, drug-infested, red-light ghetto of Trainspotting? Yep, this is it.

How to Explore the Highlands

I will never forget my first glimpse of the Scottish Highlands. I was seated in a somewhat over-crowded bus heading from the bustling city center of Glasgow to the tiny village of Ballachulish at the foot of Glencoe. As the bright lights of urban civilization faded away behind me, I could see nothing but heavy fog before us.

History and Culture

Discovering Ancient Glasgow

Today, ancient Glasgow has all but disappeared. The metropolis it has become is known for its vibrant cultural scene, excelling in the arts and exuding a modern charisma that draws in talented students, young professionals and rising tech companies. The surviving architecture is mostly Victorian, with gorgeous Art Deco creations and modern innovative office buildings thrown in.

Design Inspiration from China: Angel Chang

While today China is known as the home of 'fast fashion' and mass-produced textiles, the roots of the country's textile industry are far more ancient and diverse than many may realize. China was the first country in the world to carry out silkworm breeding, silk reeling, weaving, dyeing, printing and embroidery.


5 Great Schools for Textile Design: From Tradition to Innovation

Choosing a school is never easy, even less so when your focus is textile design. You may want to start by narrowing your focus - do you want a school that offers a broad exposure to the textiles field, or do you prefer a school that will allow you to develop specific expertise in fields like knitting, weaving or screen printing?

Ikat: A Vibrant and Traditional History

Ikat fabrics are some of the oldest known patterned textiles in the world, and arguably the most perennially vibrant. One of the great supporters of this historic practice was the late designer Oscar de la Renta who rose to fame in the 1960s as he dressed film stars to first ladies to royalty.

Textile Sourcing in Colombia

Colombia is an ever-growing presence in the textile sourcing market, and for good reason. The industry in the country offers more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing fabrics and apparel, both locally and internationally. With exports exceeding one million dollars per year, the country is currently a major competitive supplier of textile goods in Latin America.

What Does CAFTA Mean for the Fashion Industry?

A decade after its signing, and five years after full implementation, the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) may not have transformed Central America into the powerhouse of textile and apparel trade forecast by some optimists, but it has facilitated significant growth in that sector of the region's economy, along with diversification into other sectors.

Top 5 Trade Shows for Emerging Designers

Even with the rise of e-commerce, social media and fashion blogs, the traditional trade show remains a tried and tested way for emerging designers to get their name out there, source inspiration and flex their networking muscles. We've put together a list of our top picks for emerging and independent designers to promote their up and coming brands.

Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing has been serious business for thousands of years. Ancient manuscripts reveal that around 3,000 BC the people of China and India were using plant-based materials to dye their cloth. In 1500 AD, Spanish conquistadores found textile remains in the Americas that had been colored with red extract of the cochonilla.

Top 5 Contests for Emerging Designers

Contests for emerging designers are quickly becoming the springboards for many a lucrative and successful career. With new competitions being developed every year, these events give emerging and independent designers a chance to get their work in front of some of the most influential members of the international fashion community.

How Recycled Polyester is Changing the Fashion World

Demand for high quality recycled polyester is now outstripping supply, thanks to growing use by diverse brands such as Armani, H&M, Patagonia and Esprit, which are using the material in an increasingly diverse range of applications. The opinion of the fashion world seems unanimous - fashion retailers across the world have expressed optimism about the recycled polyester fibre market for 2015.

5 Designers Using Smart Textiles in Intelligent Ways

Smart textiles can be broken into two different categories - aesthetic and performance enhancing. Aesthetic textiles include everything from fabrics that light up to fabrics that can change color. Some of these fabrics gather energy from the environment by harnessing vibrations, sound or heat, reacting to this input.

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