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The stories collected below are merely a sample of my work. Please see my Pressfolio (see the link below) page for my main portfolio. For my full portfolio and resume, email [email protected]



The Bull
Copyright Quibbles

A feature analysing the varying degrees of copyright quibbles that exist around fan-created works inspired by licensed properties such as "Harry Potter" and "The Vampire Chronicles".

First Class Magazine
On the March

A profile of Australian stage and screen actor Dan Spielman.

Alley Magazine
Star Struck

It is natural for humans to admire and wish to emulate the beautiful, the successful, the wealthy. But is contemporary society’s obsession with celebrity culture out of control?

Treasured family memories

Margie Fischer’s solo show The Dead Ones was inspired by the experience of packing up her childhood home after her mother’s death.

The Australian Jewish News
Memories of JFK

Fifty years after the assassination of US Presdient John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the AJN takes a look back.

Education & Law

Deakin University Business School
Digital qualifications give Deakin students a head-start in the job hunt

"This award will help graduates differentiate themselves to employers." With the job market in a constant state of evolution, Deakin University is working in collaboration with industry partners and professional bodies to ensure its graduates are well-prepared for the job hunt and have the ability to promote their employability.

The Australian Jewish News
Designs of the Times

Each year, the Board of Education selects some of the finest HSC major works for public exhibition. Here are five of those talented students.

School Places
Everything you need to know about government assistance for schooling

We all want the very best for our children. Through conversations with thousands of parents, we know that the majority are prepared to make financial sacrifices for their child's education. The price of school fees, textbooks and other equipment can be expensive, so it's worthwhile looking into the various rebates and other payments available which may assist with the cost of your child's schooling.

Deakin Law School
Lifetime benefits of studying law

While a law degree is a rewarding experience, it's no walk in the park: there is a certain amount of work required. You may find yourself wanting to throw in the law school towel one week, and be as excitable as a toddler full of red fizzy drink the next.

Sydney University Law Society
2015 SULS Careers Guide

The SULS Careers Guide is the blueprint to your career. Numerous organisations from a range of sectors related to law are surveyed: government bodies, domestic and international law firms, courts and corporate advisory.

Deakin Law School
Real-world experiences in a changing economic landscape

The Australian economy is part of global trend that has seen an increasing emphasis placed on technological innovation and the rise of start-up culture. As the economy changes, so too does the world of commercial law, and this has prompted Deakin Law School (DLS) to establish two pro-bono law clinics in the heart of Melbourne's legal district in the CBD.

The Australian Jewish News
School Spirit

Sydney’s Jewish schools are welcoming 2014 with a host of new initiatives, new infrastructure and new ideas.

The Australian Jewish News
Top of the Class

A profile of some of the high achievers of the 2013 HSC.

The Australian Jewish News
Back to School 2013

A round-up of the new initiatives at Sydney's schools which will kick off in 2013.

Business & Media

AdNews Magazine (
'Bloodletting' starts at News Limited

Exclusive: The heads began to roll at News Limited a day after CEO Kim Williams' announced a mass restructure. Said one senior source: "The bloodletting has begun this morning and quite ferociously."

AdNews Magazine (
Tobacco trademark stoush won't hit other industries

Exclusive: Experts and commentators in the brand management and advertising fields weigh in on the potential impact of the then-undecided High Court case about the plain packaging of tobacco products.

AdNews Magazine
Newspapers will survive, ad prices won't: Analysts

As Fairfax Media and News Limited restructure amid falling advertising revenue and circulation, industry analysts have argued newspapers will survive, with the major issue of contention being the price of ad space.

AdNews Magazine (
Fairfax recruits while redundancies roll out

Fairfax is advertising new roles internally as its voluntary redundancy scheme opens as part of the media company's wide-scale restructure.

Popular Culture, Celebrity & Entertainment

The Australian Jewish News
Ghost Stories

A profile of singer-songwriters Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier.

The Australian Jewish News
TV's Top Jews

A feature profiling some some of the television industry's most prolific Jewish talents. Written to celebrate the UN's World Television Day.

The Australian Jewish News
Feast of January Films

New year, new films. A preview of some January releases.

FilmInk Magazine
M Marks the Spot

A profile of Australian actress Natalie Natalie Eleftheriadis.

Filmink Magazine and
High Seas Talent

A profile of 'Sea Patrol' actor Nikolai Nikolaeff.

FilmInk Magazine (
Different Focus

With film festivals a dime a dozen these days, it's rare that any stand out from the rest of the herd. But Focus on Ability, raising community awareness about people living with disabilities, certainly does.

Behind the Talent
Boy Bands that Defined the 1990s

Love them or hate them, boy bands played a big part in defining music and culture in the 1990s. Here are some of the heavy-hitters.

FilmInk Magazine (
Tim Burton's Treasure Trove

An interview with MoMA’s Jenny He, about working with Tim Burton and what we can expect from the exhibition at Melbourne’s ACMI.

Behind the Talent
Music's Super Trios: Sensibly-Named Bands Edition

Ah, band names. They truly can reach the height of ridiculousness! But for every Toad the Wet Sprocket and Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, there are bands that go down a far more sensible route.

Behind the Talent
Five Outrageous Celebrity Weddings

A list of five celebrity weddings, notable for their extravagance. Written for entertainment website Behind the Talent.


National Newsagent Magazine
Circulation report: September 2011

An report of the print circulation results for the quarter written for Australia's newsagency trade journal. Co-written with the editor.

National Newsagent Magazine - N-View 2011
Annual Report: Lotteries

An annual report into the lotteries sector written for the industry yearbook of Australia's newsagency trade journal.

National Newsagent Magazine - N-View 2011
Newsagents' Marketing Groups

An annual round-up of newsagency marketing groups written for the industry yearbook of Australia's newsagency trade journal.

National Newsagent Magazine - N-View 2011
Annual Report: Circulation

An annual report into print circulation written for the industry yearbook of Australia's newsagency trade journal. Co-written with the editor.

National Newsagent Magazine
Newsagents of the Year: 2011

A report on the winners of the 2011 Newsagents of the Year awards for Australia's newsagency trade journal. Co-written with the editor.


City Hub
Internet blackout against filter

Public protest about the Rudd Government's proposed mandatory internet filter intensified with the launch of the Great Australian Internet Blackout movement.
Firewall of Lies

An op-ed piece about the proposed mandatory internet filter of the Rudd era.


Switched on Media/Stocklands
How to Set Realistic Holiday Budgets

Sadly, half the battle of travelling often has to do with money. The first thing, of course, is making sure you have the money for the holiday you want to have, and not just including your airfares.

Community News

Strumming their pain: musical interlude at Villawood

DO you have an old guitar at home, sitting in the cupboard gathering dust? Volunteer music teacher Philip Feinstein would be most grateful if you’d donate it to the refugees he teaches at Villawood Detention Centre.

$30,000 for a 30th birthday

Turning 30 is often considered a milestone, but few are celebrating it like Bolivian-born Adam Brisson, who will swim 30 kilometres to raise $30,000 for the La Paz orphanage he was adopted from as a baby.

The Bondi View
Ways to have safe fun

The Bondi BLYMP music festival celebrate and discovers young musical talent and is one of the few under-18s music events on offer in Sydney.

Property and Real Estate