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I am a trained multimedia journalist who has written for The Independent, The Debrief, The Grooming Guide, Zoo magazine, Luxury Travel Guide and an American local paper called the Petoskey News-Review.


Evening Standard

Evening Standard
Ex-'county lines' drugs teen reveals how boxing turned his life around

A London teenager who became caught up in "county lines" drug dealing has revealed how a boxing and mentoring programme in Croydon has helped him turn his life around. Precieux Noka, 19, became embroiled in drug dealing at the age of just 16 after he was kicked out of sixth form and targeted by an older gang member.

The Independent/ Indy 100

It's official, left-handed people are smarter

Some studies suggest that left handed people die younger, others link left-handers to delinquent behaviour, it has even been suggested that left-handed people drink more. While these claims are heavily contested and barely evidenced, there is one myth that holds some weight and that is the idea that left-handed people are smarter than right-handers - in fact it has even been suggested that left-handed people are more likely to be a genius.

The Independent
Obama drank diet Irn Bru and Scottish people are raging

Scots were left outraged when Barack Obama was given a sugar-free Irn Bru during his visit to Scotland last week. The former US President was enjoying a round of golf at the Old Course at St Andrews when he was handed a sugar-free version of the iconic Scottish drink.

The Independent
'I looked a terrorist directly in the eye - then he started walking towards us'

A man has described the moment he looked one of the three London terror attackers in the eye - before the trio began walking towards the bar where he and his friends were hiding. Callum Stokes-Newens, from Brixton, was sitting in the garden of Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market when the atrocity took place.

Petoskey News-Review

Petoskey News-Review
The phenomenon of Pokemon Go hits Petoskey

While walking the streets of Petoskey recently, you may have noticed an increase of people hanging around the waterfront or maybe you've seen people hanging about the park, mumbling something about Squirtels and Pickachus. No, the world hasn't gone mad, people are just crazy about the new Pokemon Go game that has exploded onto the mobile app scene.

Petoskey News-Review
Brexit: From Great Britain to Little Britain

On Friday morning, the British pound slumped to lower than it had been since 1985, the FTSE dropped by 7 percent, David Cameron resigned and Boris Johnson stood waiting in the wings, vying for the position of leader of the Conservative Party. Is Britain set to fall apart after voting to leave the EU?

The Debrief

The Debrief
Best Celebrity Snapchat Names To Follow

Alexandra Richards | Contributing Writer | 6 days ago The Debrief: If Jamie Laing talking about his new hair cut is what's missing from your life Celebrities and Snapchat. Surely that's a PR nightmare, right? Well, it appears that most celebrities relish the chance to self promote.

The Debrief
Kendall + Kylie at Topshop Has Landed

Alexandra Richards | Contributing Writer | 1 day ago The Debrief: It's been a big week for the Kardashian Klan and today we see the arrival of the Kendall + Kylie at Topshop The eagle has landed. Kendall + Kylie for Topshop is here.

The Debrief
Can't Stop Giggling? New Study Reveals It's Genetic

Alexandra Richards | Contributing Writer | 3 days ago The Debrief: Researchers have found that for some people, being prone to laughter is in their DNA If you're like me then your giggle is the laughing stock of all your friends.

The Debrief
Indian Acid Attack Victim Tells Her Story On Camera And It's Amazing

Alexandra Richards | Contributing Writer | 1 day ago The Debrief: Beauty channel Blush and website 'Make Love Not Scars' also give acid attack victim Reshma an on-camera makeover When 18-year-old Reshma Annoo Quersh went to take an exam in her home town, Allahbad, she couldn't have imagined the danger she was in.

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