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I have obtained an Honours Bachelors of Arts degree double majoring in Psychology and Communications Studies. My career objectives are to continue writing within this online media realm and contribute to topics that are not brought to light within mainstream media.

Anxiety & Technology - Shameless Magazine

Content Warning: Technological ways to deal with Anxiety If you're dealing with an anxiety disorder, you know first hand what it's like trying to live your best life, while simultaneously ...

Pushing Past Panic Attacks

Blog Series Illustration by Mallory Taylor Content Warning: Dealing with Panic Attacks Anyone who has experienced a panic attack will tell you just how unpleasant they are. Panic attacks are different from moments of panic.

The Positives of Positive Self-Talk on Mental Health

Blog Series Illustration by Mallory Taylor Content Warning: Discussions of anxiety Our mind has many thoughts on a day-to-day basis - experts believe around 60,000 to 80,000 a day! Many of those thoughts come to us consciously, meaning we are aware of them, and sometimes thoughts can come unconsciously, meaning they can just pop up out of nowhere.

VIBE 105
The Importance of Using Correct Pronouns

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a personal pronoun as: "a pronoun (such as I, you, or they) that expresses a distinction of person". Personal pronouns are often used when identifying yourself or someone else. For example, someone who identifies as cis-gender, may use she/her pronouns or he/his pronouns.

VIBE 105
Gender Bias in Occupations with Fire Chief Deryn Rizzi

Chief Deryn Rizzi is the first woman to be appointed fire chief in an urban setting of Ontario. While she has made history, she has also accomplished an extensive education and is pursuing her PhD. Being a woman in the male dominated field of firefighting, she recognizes gender bias a whole.

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Can Music Really Affect Our Mood?

Music has such a profound impact in our lives and most of us turn to it for a number of reasons. Whether you use it to put a smile on your face or as a source of comfort when you're sad, a wide diversity of music surrounds us and there is always more waiting to be explored.

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Navigating Menstruation for the Homeless

© Bust Magazine | TheHomelessPeriod By Alexandra Few ​With a variety of options available, individuals who menstruate will use some type of menstrual product when on their period. Going to the store and purchasing some of these products are not often given a second thought to most, however, those who experience homelessness are not provided with the same opportunity.

VIBE 105
Making a Safe Space for Women in Music

The music industry for women has been proven to be underrepresented and inequality remains a prevalent issue. Will there ever be a "safe space" for women to be treated fairly compared to their male counterparts? VIBE 105 has all the details.

VIBE 105
Breaking the Coding Stereotype

Coding involves a precise set of instructions or scripts that are created for a computer to understand. It tells the computer to perform certain functions and if the code is correct, it will carry out the intended behaviour it was programmed to do. Similar to sentences in language, a code is a set of statements.