Alexander Sehmer

Journalist & consultant

Journalist and writer specialising in emerging markets and developing world issues.
Co-founder of political risk consultancy Claritage Emerging Markets.



How We Get To Next
All about the skateboard in Addis Ababa

Skateboarders in Ethiopia's capital have a tough time getting ahold of decent skateboards, but a German design student's degree thesis and some local enthusiasm could change that.

Al Jazeera
Shifting sands of Tuareg fortune

Desertification is eating away at Niger's usable land. Gibril ag Mohamed blames the droughts on climate change, but he also blames the government for standing idle.


How We Get To Next
The carpet that cleans the coastline

Old fishing nets can be a serious problem for coastal communities but a new project is helping local communities turn discarded nets into carpet.

Al Jazeera
Mixing principles with profit

With the IMF estimating the 'credit crunch' will cost the global economy one trillion dollars, it would appear a difficult time for a charity to begin fundraising.

Middle East

Open Democracy
Qatar: diplomats return but differences remain

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE are sending their ambassadors back to Qatar after a nearly year-long absence, a boost for a Gulf state that needs some positive media coverage.

Al Jazeera
Israelis 'putting politics aside'

Israel's citizens may be divided politically but in Ramle, outside Tel Aviv, they put their differences aside on a daily basis in the interest of co-existence.

Al Jazeera
Palestinian youth 'should be heard'

The Palestinian leadership needs to know "when to step aside" and make way for younger leaders, according to Hanan Ashrawi, the noted Palestinian legislator and rights advocate.

Al Jazeera
Bethlehem struggles out of season

Bethlehem bustles with tourists around Christmas time but sees little business for the main part of the year, making life tough for residents.


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